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Cleaning Nozzles

1 / Enz USA MadDog Nozzle
The MadDog Nozzle from Enz USA is a redesigned Bulldog nozzle with optimized ceramic inserts for the highest ideal cutting power. It removes aggressive tree roots with flows as low as 5.5 gpm at 3,500 psi with 3/8-inch hose and up to 18 gpm at 4,000 psi with 1/2-inch hose. It is suitable for accessing mainline stoppages from a 2-inch toilet roof vent, wall clean-out or 8-inch manhole using a skid body due to it only being 1.5 inches in diameter and 3.3 inches in length. A front-oscillating penetrating insert is included and can be installed by the user for front cutting. It has a hardened steel body and is oil free and zero maintenance. 877-362-8721;

2 / Hammelmann RD MASTERJET
The RD MASTERJET nozzle from Hammelmann has HPS sealing technology and adjustable-speed rotation. It is designed for use with shotguns, robotic lance systems or replacement of any rotating tool. It is lightweight at 2.2 pounds and has a compact, ergonomic design that’s 2.2 inches in diameter and 6.5 inches long. It can be used at operating pressures up to 46,500 psi with optimum internal flow allowing the pump’s total performance to be used. It has a versatile universal nozzle hub for working with nozzles with two or four inserts. Nozzle inserts are countersunk in the nozzle carrier with blast-back shields. Speed is controlled by an infinitely variable magnetic brake. It can be used for cleaning and washing, expansion joint removal, coating and paint removal, blasting pipe externals, paint booth grid and skid cleanup, superstructure surface preparation, heavy machinery cleanup and surface preparation. 800-783-4935;

3 / Jetstream of Houston RotoMag X22
The Jetstream of Houston RotoMag X22 2D, self-powered rotary pipe cleaning nozzle has a stainless steel body and rotor and a body shroud to protect it while cleaning. Available as a single tool rated up to 22,000 psi, it has a magnetic braking system that controls rotational speed for minimal wear and maximum impact without streaking. Spinning on a film of high-pressure water, the nozzle has no ball bearings to replace, making field service simple. The Premium Kit is available with all components needed for repair in a convenient, watertight case. A variety of standard nozzles for different cleaning applications is available with the RotoMag X22. Nozzle extensions come in three sizes to enable more effective cleaning in larger pipes. For large pipe applications, several different-style centralizers are available, including pipes with and without bends. The back-out preventer stops the tool from retracting out of the pipe unexpectedly or in the event of a sudden shift in thrust. 800-231-8192;

4 / Sewer Pro Shop BLUESTAR Twister
BLUESTAR Twister and Twister Plus nozzles from Sewer Pro Shop are made of high-grade stainless steel and are equipped with ceramic nozzle inserts. They utilize optimized 3D hydromechanics where the water coming from the pressurized sewer hose is used in its entirety for cleaning purposes. The Twister is a highly efficient hydrodynamic tool to remove heavy obstructions caused by grease, roots, mineral deposits or other solid organic material from 8- to 24-inch sewer lines, with the Twister Plus operating in 28- to 36-inch lines. The nozzles can also be used with recycled water. They require no maintenance and have been designed to be extremely operator-friendly. 877-864-9394;

5 / Vac-Con Sewer Robotics C70
The Sewer Robotics C70 HD video cleaning nozzle, distributed by Vac-Con, boasts eight interchangeable cleaning jets, double sapphire lenses, LED lighting and a self-leveling HD camera for optimal video recording and clarity. It is designed to jet pipelines ranging from 6 to 40 inches. To ensure durability and longevity on the job, it is equipped with an eight-hour-plus runtime and is fully submergible. It offers a flow of 40 to 170 gpm and operates at a pressure of 2,000 to 4,000 psi. The Wi-Fi-integrated nozzle allows for wireless video downloading to the included tablet, which also features GPS. It is offered in a protective case kit, which includes the nozzle, tablet, pipeline viewing software, jet inserts and battery charger. A range of optional accessories is also available, including skids and assessment software. 904-284-4200;

Hydroexcavation Equipment

6 / Ditch Witch HX30
The Ditch Witch HX30 vacuum excavation trailer offers a 24.8 hp Kubota diesel engine designed for performance and productivity on midsized potholing, soft-excavation or cleanup tasks. The low-profile machine reduces unit height without compromising ground clearance. It is available with a 500- or 800-gallon debris tank and in a light or heavy version. Also available are advanced optional boom designs to improve ease of use. With advanced sound-reducing technology, it creates minimal disturbance in noise-sensitive areas. An optional reverse-flow feature allows quick and easy spoil off-loading for improved productivity. 800-654-6481;

7 / Dynablast CAB420FLS-12V
The Dynablast CAB420FLS-12V water heater produces 420,000 Btu with an output temperature of 175 degrees F at 5 gpm to work in colder climates and for improved digging in clay-filled areas. With a 24-by-24-inch footprint, it is designed to fit most municipal hydrovac trucks. It is ETL certified, providing improved heat transfer between the Schedule 80 pipe and water. It comes with two service access panels and two momentary override controls. The cabinet is designed with a reversible door for a variety of truck configurations and uses 14-gauge steel with polyester UV-protected, powder-coated paint with an aluminum discharge cap and stainless steel hardware. 905-867-4642;

8 / Easy Kleen Wildcat Heaters
Wildcat Heaters high-pressure, oil-fired hot-water/steam heaters and hydraulic pump systems from Easy Kleen Pressure Systems are designed for reliability and efficiency and are installation-ready for vacuum trucks and hydroexcavators. A full range of heater options includes dry steam, redundancy packages, Schedule 80 and 160 stainless steel or A53 boiler pipe, fine-tuned temperature and flow-control systems. All coils are manufactured in-house, with CRN boiler-approved coils now available. Heaters can be designed for mounting in a cabinet or supplied as a completed cabinet unit. They are CSA and ETL approved. Hydraulic pumping systems are available. 800-315-5533;

9 / GapVax HV33
Designed to safely transport water and debris in urban areas, the GapVax HV33 is shorter, smaller and more compact than its predecessor. It is 30 feet long overall on a medium-duty chassis and includes a 600-gallon water tank, 6-cubic-yard debris body, 6- or 8-inch top-mounted telescoping boom with a 14- to 17.5-foot reach, 4,000 cfm power and an inverted, full-opening tailgate. 888-442-7829;

10 / Kaiser Premier CV Series
The CV Series hydrovac from Kaiser Premier has all critical components centralized and housed in an insulated, heated aluminum van body. The RB-DV series of rotary three-lobe positive displacement blowers can operate at high vacuum levels thanks to a device that injects atmospheric air. RB-DV series blowers can reach vacuum levels of up to 93% on a deadhead and 27 inches Hg without the need to inject water or use an upstream heat exchanger. Its hydraulically assisted off-load method eliminates overhead conflict concerns by avoiding the need to raise the tank. To release hot, high-pressure water, the vehicle can be equipped with a 700,000 Btu boiler. The transfer case is designed for vacuum excavation trucks requiring a highly configurable and easily serviceable gearbox. 970-542-1975;

11 / Rival Hydrovac T7
The T7 hydrovac from Rival Hydrovac was designed primarily to be a unit that can be loaded with debris and drive within legislated road limits with most types of debris on board. Additionally the unit comes standard with a scale that reads real-time weights both in the cab and on the wireless remote to confirm weights prior to travel. It is operator-friendly, and the operating system is engaged through one PTO switch. The remainder of the operation occurs from the rear panel or the wireless remote. The components are high performance in nature, and the unit will dig at levels competitive to large units. 403-550-7997;

12 / Soil Surgeon hydroexcavating tool
The Soil Surgeon hydroexcavating tool fits any sewer combination truck equipped with a telescoping 6- or 8-inch boom. The tool has a 1-inch water connection. The operator controls water pressure and power through truck controls. It has a 6-foot Tuff Tube with handles to guide the unit down for potholing or side to side for trenching. Six jets boring inward cut the soil, while six boring outward bring the tube down. 949-363-1401;

13 / Super Products Mud Dog
The Mud Dog hydroexcavator from Super Products is designed for operator convenience and consistent performance in the harshest environments. It offers an air excavation option, which allows the operator to choose the best application, water or air, for the job. It is available with 12- or 16-yard debris capacity. Each model comes standard with safe tilt ejection unloading and is equipped with a rear-mounted boom that can reach 27 feet with a 335-degree rotation. 800-837-9711;

14 / Tornado Global Hydrovacs F4 ECOLITE
The F4 ECOLITE from Tornado Global Hydrovacs has a 12-cubic-yard mud tank and holds 1,550 gallons of freshwater. The unit is more than 7,000 pounds lighter than the company’s older models and offers more than double the payload. The boom has a 342-degree rotation and a 26-foot reach. The smaller F3 ECOLITE is a 10-cubic-yard, 1,250-gallon tandem-axle unit that also more than doubles older payload capacities. It features an 8-inch boom and a 3,800 cfm blower. 715-441-7157;

15 / TRUVAC by Vactor Paradigm
Designed for utility, municipal and contractor customers involved in the installation, maintenance and repair of underground water, sewer, gas, electric and telecommunications lines, the Paradigm subcompact vacuum excavator from TRUVAC by Vactor can dig holes with water or air; vacuum, contain and dispose of drill mud; power pneumatic, hydraulic or electrical tools; and provide transport and storage of replacement parts, equipment and tools. The truck’s Park-n-Dig design minimizes time between job site arrival and excavation, including the ability to dig up to 6 feet without additional pipe and hose. The air compressor powers utility tools such as jackhammers and tampers. The truck offers tool storage space, including a long-handle toolbox. The truck can tow up to 20,000 pounds. 800-627-3171;

16 / Vacall AllExcavate
Vacall AllExcavate hydroexcavators include AllSmartFlow smart controls that help to conserve water during high-performance jet/vac digging around utilities and waterlines or while cleaning frac tanks and vessels. Single-engine efficiency helps conserve fuel and reduce emissions. It has a high-pressure water system with rheostat control to vary water volume and capacity output. A heated compartment protects the water system components against freezing. Its water tanks are made of high-quality aluminum for extra strength. Large, galvanized steel debris tanks are also available. A single control is used to open, close and lock the tailgate. It has double-cyclone filtration with a simplified design to reduce maintenance, extend performance and increase working life. Its rear-mounted boom front-loads debris. It is available with a cold-weather package. 800-382-8302;

17 / Vector Technologies Mudslinger
The Mudslinger line of compact trailer-mounted hydroexcavation vacuums from Vac-Con, in cooperation with Vector Technologies, have multiple Tier 4 diesel and gas engine options, with a 1,190 cfm, 16-inch Hg positive displacement blower, and come with a 535- or 845-gallon debris tank with 55-degree hydraulic dump hoist and a hydraulic door. The water system is 4 gpm at 4,000 psi with 50 feet of 3/8-inch hose and comes with a 225- or 325-gallon HDPE water tank. A 9-foot boom with 24 inches of hydraulic extension, hydraulic up/down and 270 degrees of manual rotation is also available. It is mounted on a heavy-duty welded tube steel trailer. 800-832-4010;

18 / Westech Vac Systems Wolf
The Wolf noncode hydrovac truck from Westech Vac Systems is suitable for oil and gas customers working in extreme conditions. The debris body is positioned on the optimal chassis location to ensure the payload is proportionately distributed across all axles, maximizing legal payload for customers and improving operational efficiency. The side-mounted water tanks reduce the weight by more than 40%, lowering the overall cost of the truck. The 1,500-gallon capacity ensures ample water for large or remote jobs. A top-mounted, no-touch water fill system is easily accessible from the passenger side of the vehicle. The debris body is lifted using a telescoping, dual-acting hydraulic cylinder capable of 36,000 pounds of force. When fully extended, the debris body exceeds a 45-degree dump angle for fast and efficient off-loading. To help the off-loading process, a heavy-duty, hydraulically powered tank vibrator is mounted to the belly of the debris body. 780-955-3030;

Industrial Vacuum Truck/Trailer

19 / Guzzler CL
The CL (Classic) industrial vacuum loader from Guzzler is designed to recover, contain, and carry solids, dry bulk powders, liquids, slurries and thick sludge from hard-to-reach areas. The truck offers upgraded operator ergonomics, improved air routing, filtration and maintenance, a longer body for improved material separation, an enlarged bag house and cyclone clean-out access doors for easier access. Its modular design allows for a wide selection of off-loading configurations, including a rear-door-mounted sludge pump for unloading sludges from the debris body, an XCR system with a swing-out cyclone that allows material discharge into collection vessels while vacuuming, and a high-rail system (available in three configurations) with a loading boom, hydraulic creep drive and rear-mounted operator chair. Options include a telescoping boom, vane pressure off-load system (high-pressure, low airflow) for liquids and slurries, and a full-opening rear door for improved dumping. 800-627-3171;

Jet/Vac Combo Units

20 / Bucher Municipal North America CityFlex 205
The CityFlex 205 from Bucher Municipal North America was developed to operate efficiently in tight spaces, including septic pumping applications. It is provided with multiple cabinets with lockable roller shutter doors, lights and heating. All functions can be managed through a simple control panel on the back. With the arctic option, the user can also operate in temperatures as low as 5 degrees below zero. It includes a telescopic boom, fully automatic end cover and movable partition. 704-658-1333;

21 / Cusco Sewer Jetter
The Sewer Jetter from Cusco can help perform major cleanups by excavating debris using a 26-foot boom reach and a 600-foot 3,000 psi jetting system. According to the maker, the jetter is outfitted with quality components and reverse engineered for optimal weight and payload using a superior operator control system. The unit is designed for simple maintenance and features durable and uncomplicated systems to reduce repairs and downtime. It can be paired with a Cusco SJX hydroexcavator to provide a powerful option for handling sewer and waterline maintenance and digging new lines with one piece of equipment. Options include various tank and chassis sizes and can be modified based on customer specifications. 800-490-3541;

22 / Sewer Equipment Model 900 ECO
The Model 900 ECO from Sewer Equipment is available in 6-, 9-, 12- or 15-yard debris capacities, equipped with Duraprolene water tanks carrying 900 to 2,000 gallons of onboard water. Its Hydro Drive powertrain system eliminates the need for a transfer case. Both single-piston and triplex pump options are available at 55 to 80 gpm at 2,000 to 3,000 psi with a 4,400 cfm blower and 18 inches Hg, built on an eco-friendly platform that provides greater fuel efficiency and offers noise reduction. 888-477-7611;

23 / Supervac Triton
The Triton combination sewer cleaner from Supervac has a water recycling system using a Juggler filter to allow continuous work without downtime for water filling. It filters water collected in the debris tank and transfers it to a water reservoir used by the water pump. It comes with a 2,500-gallon debris tank with stainless steel liner and vibrator, 1,500-gallon water tank, hydraulic boom and dump, and a full-opening rear door. Vacuum is provided by a 3,800 cfm at 27 inches Hg Robuschi blower, while jetting power is provided by an 80 gpm, 2,500 psi Pratissoli water pump. The rear door-mounted hydraulic hose reel holds 600 feet of 1-inch hose. 866-839-5702;

Root Control Equipment

24 / Drain Rehab Solutions ZIP-ZIP
ZIP-ZIP flexible shaft cables from Drain Rehab Solutions offer professionals greater speed and efficiency when cleaning drains. The ultrahigh-speed drain cleaning cables save time by cleaning out roots, scale, debris and grease clogs in a fast and efficient manner. They have the capability to clean and reinstate pipes between 1,500 to 3,500 rpm and attach to a standard 1/2-inch electric or battery drill. They are available in 1/2- or 3/8-inch diameters and come with a bright green protective cable casing for easy camera viewing. They can be used in both clockwise and counterclockwise rotation and are available with T-slider connectors or with bare ends. They are recommended to attach to a drill clutch for longer cable life and are compatible as a replacement or extension cable with other high-speed drain cleaning machines. 514-379-3544;

25 / NozzTeq Lumberjack
NozzTeq Lumberjack cutters are low-torque, variable-speed, multipurpose cutting nozzles powered by common sewer jetting or combination trucks. The cutting chains rotate at speeds of 10,000 to 50,000 rpm, depending on pressure and flow rate. The precisely engineered cutter is designed to cut roots, but it also effectively clears out concrete, tuberculation, grease, protruding laterals and other obstructions. Low torque means it won’t get stuck, won’t harm host pipe and won’t spin off the hose end. The cutters are sealed, include grease-lubricated bearings and are water-cooled so they don’t need daily maintenance. Five models clear pipes from 3 up to 48 inches. The entire kit includes the turbine, water supply tube, chain plate/pull plate, tow ring, cutting blade, sleds, five sets of chain per sled size, propelling nozzle with jets and adapter, spanner wrench, hand tools and toolbox. 866-620-5915;

26 / Picote Solutions Mini Sweeper
The Mini Sweeper from Picote Solutions is designed to clean and descale pipes, including removing tree roots. It grinds away debris from the inside of the pipe at 1,000 to 1,500 rpm. The aggressive tool is effective in situations where there is thick scale, rust or other waste materials that are difficult to remove. It can also be used to remove wrinkles in liners or to remove excess lining material from the pipe wall after a failed liner has been removed. It is rebuildable after the legs become dull. It is available for 2-, 3- and 4-inch pipe sizes and is powered by the Picote Mini or Maxi Miller. 708-267-6366;

27 / Pipe Lining Supply Renssi Chain Knockers
Renssi Chain Knockers, distributed by Pipe Lining Supply, are available with drill heads for 5/16-, 3/8- and 1/2-inch cable connections. This companion tool helps with cutting roots and other obstructions. It is made of stainless steel chains with carbide tips and is suitable for cast iron, concrete and stainless steel pipes, making it durable. It is offered in common pipe sizes from 2- to 8-inch lines. This is a suitable companion tool to high-speed cleaning machines to remove roots, descale and clean pipes. 888-354-6464;

28 / USB-USA Heavy-Duty Turbo Chain Cutter
The Heavy-Duty Turbo Chain Cutter from USB-USA is tough and extremely powerful. These cutters continuously adjust from 8 to 15 inches (Turbo S200) or 12 to 24 inches (Turbo S600) and easily fit into the pipe. Turbine technology powers the durable chain retainer on a durable body to remove roots, concrete, calcium deposits, hardened grease and tuberculation from sewer lines. The chain cutters are very aggressive for the hardest materials. They have double the amount of turbine-driving water jets as the company’s other cutters, generating tremendous cutting power. Easily adjust the cutter to within a 1/16 inch by spinning the rear to make it larger or smaller. Internal 3D fluid mechanics in conjunction with one-piece ceramic nozzle inserts allow the cutter to be used with recycled or clean water. 844-285-5770;

Portable/Truck/Trailer Jetters

29 / American Jetter Hot Jetter
Hot Jetters from American Jetter include a water-heating system that uses efficient dual-coil burners. Burner exhaust temperatures are reduced from 400 to around 127 degrees F, effectively releasing less heat into the atmosphere. This is coupled with 20% or more fuel savings from the optional Kohler 19 to 38 hp EFI engines. The increased fuel savings will provide longer runtimes. 866-944-3569;

30 / Cam Spray CV Series
The CV Series cargo van drain jet from Cam Spray offers diesel-fired hot water to add additional jetting power. Several models are available up to 4,000 psi and 12 gpm. A triplex plunger pump with power pulse valve provides an extra push when needed. Air purge and recirculation to the tank are provided for freeze protection. A 5-gallon fuel tank provides hours of runtime on a single fill. It comes with a heavily built, powder-coated frame with a full deck and 130-gallon water capacity, a 12-volt DC reel with 2-1 clutch drive allowing for free spooling, and powered hose return. It is controlled by push button or foot switch. Accessories include a four-nozzle set, storage box, tip cleaner, tiger tail, safety shield, rubber gloves, high-visibility safety vest, 50-foot wash down hose and trigger gun. 800-648-5011;

31 / Gorlitz Sewer & Drain Model GO 1500A Series
The Model GO 1500A Series jetter from Gorlitz Sewer & Drain has a functional frame construction with a carrying handle, reel accessory tube, retractable pull handle and phenolic 4-inch wheels for easy transportation to the job site. All models come with a custom-built, dual-capacitor, 2 hp electric motor drawing 19.8 amps at full load. The duplex ceramic plunger pump with dual pulsation will generate more than 1,500 psi at 2.1 gph to clear tough stoppages or open frozen pipes. The unit is supplied with one 1/8-inch by 50-foot-long trap hose to clear drainlines 1 1/2 to 3 inches in diameter. The hose and reel connections are provided with quick-disconnect fittings to simplify operation. The reel accessory tube accepts an optional hose reel for compact hose storage and operation. 562-944-3060;

32 / HotJet USA Vac ’n Jet Series
The HotJet USA Vac ’n Jet Series of vacuum trailer jetters are rugged and compact; are engineered to haul equipment and spoils loads; and can clean valve boxes and storm drains, and hydroexcavate and/or clean drainlines and sewer lines. They offer hot- and cold-water operation with a choice of engine options ranging from 13 to 66 hp and gas or diesel operation. They are equipped with premium triplex pumps, a 500-gallon spoils tank, 200-gallon water tank, Gardner Denver vac/blowers, 4-ton hydraulic dump and centri-clean filter system. They can also be custom engineered and designed to meet specifications. 800-624-8186;

33 / Jetters Northwest Eagle 200
The Eagle 200 midsize trailer jetter series from Jetters Northwest is available in 12 gpm/3,000 psi (model Eagle-200/3012) with 1/2-inch I.D. jet hose or the 9 gpm/4,000 psi (model Eagle-200/4009) with 3/8-inch I.D. jet hose. It comes with either a Kawasaki (liquid-cooled) or Kohler (air-cooled) fuel-injected engine, an industrial-duty trailer with brakes for safety, and an A-frame tongue that allows it to be towed when full of water. Flattop fenders allow for additional mounting surface. Chrome wheels give it a sharp appearance. It comes with a super-duty triplex UDOR U.S.A. pump, 12-volt power-wind hose reel with wind-speed controller, 200-gallon water tank, large 60-inch lockable tool storage bin, 300 feet of jetting hose on the main 12-volt reel, 100 feet of 3/4-inch water-supply hose on a second reel, adjustable pulsation control and four jetting nozzles. 877-901-1936;

34 / Patriot Sewer Equipment & Repair 1776 heavy-duty edition
The 1776 heavy-duty edition from Patriot Sewer Equipment & Repair generates 3,500 psi at 11 gpm. Standard equipment includes a Piranha 3/8-inch, 300-foot, red jetter hose and remote start for one-man operation. A portable 100-gallon water tank with autofill valve and stainless steel nozzle set is custom-engineered to work at max pounds per square inch and gallons per minute. It can be used to clean 4- to 6-inch sewer pipes with ease. Propane or gas models are available. It includes an all-stainless-steel reel and frame. All units are built to order. 888-318-9888;

35 / RIDGID KJ-3100
The RIDGID KJ-3100 portable water jetter offers 3,000 psi of working pressure and 5.5 gpm of flow for fast, effective cleaning of large commercial and industrial lines. The jetter propels a flexible and lightweight hose through 2- to 10-inch lines, blasting through sludge, soap, grease and sediment blockages. As the hose is pulled back, it power-scrubs the line, flushing debris away and restoring drainlines to their full, free-flowing capacity — all without the use of chemicals. Pulse action allows for easy negotiation of difficult bends and traps. It has a removable hose reel and triplex pump with corrosion-resistant, forged brass head. It comes on a two-wheeled cart that easily fits through standard-size doors and negotiates tight turns with ease. 800-769-7743;

36 / Spartan Tool Cadet
The Cadet portable electric jetter from Spartan Tool can effectively clean the entire circumference of the line and make quick work of grease and soft clogs. The triplex plunger pump with electric motor provides a true 1,500 psi at 0.75 gpm, or 700 psi at 2.0 gpm; and at just 14 by 22 1/2 by 9 inches, it leaves plenty of room in a work truck for more equipment. 800-435-3866;

37 / Vactor RamJet 850 Series
The RamJet 850 Series truck jetter from Vactor has a choice of front or rear hose-reel locations and productivity-enhancing options. An integral aluminum rear shroud with heavy-duty, see-through Lexan windows is available. Large service access doors on both sides of the shroud enable easy greasing, maintenance and service. The rear shroud keeps the hose and components warm and protected for quick setup and cleaning in extremely cold conditions. It comes standard with a certified flow of zero to 80 gpm at a variable pressure up to 2,500 psi at the hose reel to clean any size line. An optional JetRodder water-pump heated cabinet keeps the pump and plumbing covered and protected. 815-672-3171;


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