Product Focus - February 2021

Product Focus - February 2021

My Service Depot Smart Service

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Business Software

1 // My Service Depot Smart Service
The Smart Service software system from My Service Depot functions as a direct add-on to QuickBooks, adding scheduling, dispatching, invoicing and customer management. It offers real-time integration with QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise and Online, allowing users to schedule and dispatch work to their customer base using their preferred QuickBooks platform. It empowers field service companies to streamline operations. When a customer calls, an office dispatcher will create a job in the scheduler, filling in job notes and assigning the work to a field technician. That information gets sent out electronically to the corresponding technician’s phone or tablet. When that tech arrives at the customer’s location, they’ll build a digital work order, collect a customer signature and send the completed paperwork back to the office for invoicing. 888-518-0818;

Fleet Management

2 // ClearPathGPS Owlcam+
ClearPathGPS’s dash camera solution from Owlcam+ detects impact or broken-glass events when a vehicle is off. Because there’s no SD card, there’s no way to tamper with the footage. Video captured is seamlessly linked to GPS tracking data and provides two forms of evidence in the event of a claim. Twenty-second video clips can be requested from within the portal and stored in the media manager for 30 days or downloaded locally for sharing/storing. Event snapshots can be sent by the driver to the portal by saying, “OK, Presto” and can immediately be viewed remotely by the fleet manager. Its 4G LTE connectivity means cloud upload of critical clips and remote viewing is possible even when the vehicle is off. 888-734-0384;

3 // DPL Telematics AssetView Max Tracking System
The AssetView Max Tracking System from DPL Telematics is an advanced solution for wireless monitoring and remote tracking of any powered or unpowered asset to improve logistics, manage inventory and curb theft. The long lasting, portable GPS unit is completely self-contained and may be hidden on any asset, installing in seconds. It allows owners to remotely monitor any asset accurately from an intuitive, internet-based software package and mobile app. It offers quick, unwired attachment to any asset in a true “hide and track” installation. It provides immediate text and email alerts if the unit is removed, and is powered by two D batteries. It is self-powered for up to 10 years on daily updates, and up to two years on more detailed tracking. 800-897-8093;

4 // GPS Fleet Consulting SafeFleet
The SafeFleet dashcam/GPS combo unit from GPS Fleet Consulting is designed to provide important benefits to any business running a fleet of vehicles. The easily installed hardware provides location updates and event-based video recordings in near real time. The data can be viewed from a computer or through a mobile device. It helps protect billable time against customer disputes and provides accurate accounting of hours for payroll, real-world examples for coaching against risky driving behaviors and protection against frivolous claims. It can help reduce the risk and cost of accidents, decrease idle time and help with proactive vehicle maintenance. It includes advanced vehicle diagnostic sensors and a safe driving rewards program. 800-609-7935;

5 // Quartix
The Quartix vehicle tracking system helps a wide range of businesses improve productivity, cut costs and save on fuel every day. Providing commercial fleet tracking for trucks, coaches, vans and cars throughout the U.S., U.K. and France, the system offers a host of features for fleet managers. It helps analyze data, generating simple-to-use reports that can be accessed online. Live tracking, driver time sheets, geofencing and management dashboards allow managers to easily see where efficiencies can be made. Driver League Tables and individual driver reports help to assess driving style, which if improved can save businesses up to 25% in fuel consumption, as well as positively impact the safety of road users. It offers tiered packages to help businesses identify their best drivers, make sense of mileage and fuel costs, and reduce administrative tasks. 312-800-9882;

6 // Vivax-Metrotech MyLocator-3
The free MyLocator-3 desktop app from Vivax-Metrotech allows a contractor to manage a fleet of utility locators. They can configure a fleet of locators by turning features off and on, selecting which frequencies the user has access to, and creating custom startup screens. The software will also transfer data from the locator to a host computer, perform software updates, and save the locator configuration and settings. When the locator is connected to a computer running the software, the software will automatically search a database for the latest updates for both the utility locator and desktop application. The utility locator connects to the computer running the software with an off-the-shelf mini-USB cable. 800-446-3392;

Inspection/Mapping Software

7 // CUES GraniteNet WebInspect
GraniteNet WebInspect from CUES is a browser-based inspection app designed to perform inspections and collect information about municipal assets, such as manholes (including MACP v7 Level 1), hydrants, lift stations, grease traps, light poles and signage. It performs and tracks tasks such as valve turning, smoke tests, brush cutting and snow plowing, collecting GPS points, water quality samples and flow tests, and assessing sewer backups. Virtually any type of asset assessment or task can be quickly deployed, with or without existing GIS maps. There’s no software to install on any user devices. All that’s needed is an internet connection and virtually any device with a browser, such as a mobile phone or a tablet. 800-327-7791;

8 // RapidView IBAK North America IKAS Evolution
IKAS Evolution sewer analysis software from RapidView IBAK North America is in full control of acquisition and sewer data analysis. This software was developed with modularity in mind. The user interface is standard throughout the software platform, so once a user is familiar with one program, they will already know their way around the next one. It is available in four base bundles with more than 24 extension options available for advanced inspections. Included is a powerful tool called 3D GeoSense, where the sensor tracks the movement of the camera as it travels through the lateral, capturing distance, position and depth in 3D space. This opens up new options for acquiring and using positional data for underground utilities. 800-656-4225;

9 // WinCan Web
Maintaining sewers starts with understanding sewer condition, and WinCan Web makes it easy to collect detailed, standards-compliant inspection data. It identifies trends, pinpoints hotspots, prioritizes maintenance and lets you forecast budgets. Its broad range of reporting and data visualization tools lets you drill down to the insight you need. WinCan Web helps get more from the sewer inspection data you collect. The cloud-based platform lets you share inspection data with anyone, instantly and securely, online; view video, maps and observations on any device with a browser; safeguard your data with automatic offsite backups; and reduce IT costs and overhead. WinCan Web replaces unreliable methods of sharing inspection data —­ printouts, DVDs, emails and thumb drives — with cloud-based collaboration. And it works with all brands of sewer inspection equipment. 877-626-8386; 


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