Product Spotlight - February 2021

Product Spotlight - February 2021

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Versatile rehab cutter supplies capability and value

Small-diameter pipe rehab can be a lucrative added service for your drain cleaning company, but you need the right tools for the job. The Micro S Light+ rehab cutter from Pipeline Renewal Technologies balances both capability and value, providing crews top performance while taking on a wide range of applications.

Suitable for both horizontal and vertical work, this air-powered rehab cutter offers ideal flexibility in bends, navigating smoothly through elbows in lined 4-inch pipe. Simply push it horizontally or drop it vertically into place, inflate the bladder and let the automatic cutter rotation do the rest. 

“When we developed the Micro S Light+, we worked to offer a level of versatility never before seen at this price point,” says Jake Wells, director of marketing for Pipeline Renewal Technologies’ parent company, Envirosight. “On the small side, we wanted operators to be able to fit through 3-inch openings and 4-inch lined elbows. On the big side, we knew they’d benefit from the ability to work in 8- and 10-inch mains. Once we combined this working range with 164 feet of self-propelled travel and three axes of articulation, we knew we had a winner.”

The Micro S Light+ accepts various cutting bits to fit the application at hand. Once in position, it clamps pneumatically and offers joystick control for three axes of motion: 400-degree rotation, 90-degree swivel and 4-inch axial feed. The entire system can be easily transported on a wheeled cart weighing just 104 pounds. Its air-powered cutter motor delivers maximum torque, while an onboard, self-cleaning camera provides live visual feedback on a 10-inch touch-screen monitor. Pressurized with nitrogen, the sealed head carries an IP54 rating. The unit provides the cutting power needed to perform prep and reinstatement work in drains, laterals and other small-diameter lines.

“As with every product we offer, the Micro S Light+ started with customer feedback,” says Wells. “Our operators were telling us they wanted a system capable enough to answer diverse and challenging applications, but not so complex that it costs an arm and a leg to purchase and maintain. What we devised was a system with powerful propulsion in horizontal and vertical lines, generous range, and three-axis articulation — all in a portable package that runs on mains power, and requires just 35 cfm of compressed air at 145 psi.” 866-936-8476;


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