Case Study - October 2021

Case Study - October 2021
Challenging lines sealed without digging or traffic disruption

Failing culvert saved with trenchless point repair

Problem / An Atlanta suburb was experiencing severe infiltration from a failing corrugated culvert, installed years before as a stream crossing. The exposed 8-inch culvert was used as a sewer line between two manholes and a retaining wall was built directly on top of it. Rusting over the years caused a couple dime-sized holes, allowing stream water to pour directly in. Traditional dig-and-replace methods required bypassing both the sewer and the stream to prevent sedimentation, in addition to demolishing and relocating the retaining wall. Contractor quotes were $90,000 and up, and would have required occupying adjacent homeowners’ yards for days with equipment and debris.

Solution / EnviroWaste Services Group’s Atlanta branch installed an 8-inch-by-8-foot trenchless point repair, manufactured by Infrastructure Repair Systems. The repair was accomplished in a single, partial day from above the manholes with only foot traffic through homeowners’ properties. No bypassing of the sewer line or stream was required. EnviroWaste’s installation of the repair kit not only sealed the pipe from infiltration, but also created new structural capacity for the existing pipe.

Result / By utilizing the kit, EnviroWaste Services Group was able to repair the culvert for less than a tenth of the cost of dig-and-replace methods. The infiltration was eliminated and the county avoided potential sanitary sewer overflows with virtually no stress for surrounding homeowners. 727-327-4216; 


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