Product Spotlight - October 2021

Product Spotlight - October 2021

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Drain cleaning has seen leaps and bounds of technological advancements in cable machines, water jets, inspections cameras and now flexible-shaft equipment. The introduction of flexible-shaft technology has opened a lot of doors for contractors utilizing it in the field.

“Among a number of things, there are two key advantages of flexible-shaft technology. The cable spins roughly 10 times faster than drum machines and four times faster than sectional machines. The higher speed does a better job cleaning the line,” says Marty Silverman, vice president of marketing for General Pipe Cleaners. “It’s also safer. The rod is inside a sheath protecting users; there is no spinning drum.”

Since General Pipe Cleaners understands the value flexible-shaft technology offers, the company developed the Flexi-Rooter, a machine built with an integral variable-speed motor producing speeds up to 2,200 rpm and a shaft material capable of cutting roots in a 4-inch line and flexible enough to navigate a 2-inch line.

“We did testing on a lot of different cables because if you don’t get a cable strong enough it won’t hold up, and if it’s too stiff it won’t go around bends in the lines,” Silverman says. “There was a lot of research and development and a lot of field testing until we got the right combination of components.”

The covered spinning shaft also allows a camera in the line at the same time to pinpoint blockages and easily review the effectiveness of the equipment to make sure the job gets done. The Flexi-Rooter also comes with a foot pedal so both hands can be free to safely guide the rod through the line.

“General’s unique ClogChopper cutting tools are featured at the business end of both the stainless steel and carbide chain cutters as well,” Silverman says. “They rip through stoppages with six self-sharpening blades that dig into debris and root masses.”

All Flexi-Rooter machines are built on a metal frame for durability and include 10-inch tires for easy maneuverability. The handles are designed to fold down when not in use to reduce the overall size when storing it in a work vehicle. “We tried to think of everything a contractor would need in the field,” Silverman says. “Our rods are fully repairable as well. As durable as our equipment is, we are ready if things wear out. If you run into a problem, you want to be able to fix it on the spot and, with this, we can do that.” 800-245-6200;


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