Product Spotlight - April 2020

Product Spotlight - April 2020

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The nature of the drain cleaning industry often puts professionals in situations that are difficult, dirty and hazardous. Employee safety is always a concern. Every step a company takes to create a safer environment for workers helps increase morale and job efficiency.

Through the development of high-visibility safety hose reels and hi-vis hoses, COXREELS is aiming to increase job site safety while still providing the necessary tools for drain cleaners.

“The high-visibility safety hose reels power up the safety level of your reels and with the addition of hi-vis hose, awareness and visibility,” says Annette Volcan, COXREELS’ marketing supervisor. “Adding EZ-Coil controlled retraction and hi-vis hose to your COXREELS reel will create the maximum safety environment for your workplace.”

The EZ-Coil rewind system controls the reel’s spring motor, reducing the speed of hose recoil by up to 80%. This results in slow and steady retrieves, making the high-visibility hose reel even safer yet for operators and nearby employees.

COXREELS hi-vis hoses are designed to reduce tripping accidents in the field: A bright yellow coloring with a glossy white stripe makes them easy for workers to see. When not in use, hoses and cables are safely retracted in the reel for safe storage.

Working in conjunction with another U.S. hose manufacturer, COXREELS developed the hi-vis hose to increase hose flexibility while maintaining strength. “It was optimized for maximum visibility and performance with respect to a balance of flexibility and durability,” Volcan says. Utilizing a hybrid PVC/rubber material, hose flexibility is increased even at low temperatures. Hi-vis hoses are available in 3/8- and 1/2-inch sizes and can be used effectively with both air and water, with a working pressure up to 300 psi. Due to its increased flexibility, the exclusive material is kink resistant with reduced coil memory, decreasing hazard potential by consistently lying flat on the ground.

Customers have spoken highly of the new products, Volcan says. “They love the concept and realize that the high visibility will make for a much safer work environment.”

The products are designed to effectively decrease the chance of injury from tripping hazards in a variety of industries and can be used to replace outdated hoses. “Every industry can benefit from improved safety and visibility,” Volcan says. “It is a perfect replacement for any application that currently uses PVC or low-pressure rubber hose.” 800-269-7335;


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