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Good people and new technology continue to push the industry forward.

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The technology in this industry is impressive.

It was the first thing that struck me when I took over Cleaner in 2011. Like many of your customers, I had no idea processes like CIPP lining and pipe bursting even existed. I don’t think I’d ever seen a jet/vac truck, and if I had, I certainly didn’t know what it was. I thought drains were cleaned with cables and old pipes were replaced with new pipes. Both are certainly still true in some instances, but that doesn’t begin to cover what you do.

Over the past seven years, the technological advances have continued to impress. Jetters, nozzles, inspection systems, lining equipment, robotic cutters — all are playing a role in the advancement of the wastewater industry.

Of course, the greatest technology is useless without the right people to maximize its potential, and the people — you — are perhaps the most impressive part of this industry. It wasn’t as immediately obvious as the incredible assortment of new tools and equipment, but it became more and more apparent with each person I met and talked to on the phone. It didn’t take long to realize Cleaner isn’t a magazine; it’s a community.

This month’s Tech Perspective digs into a root question for many drain cleaners: sectional or drum machines? The two styles of drain cleaning machines each have their advantages, as well as their champions, but many people use both depending on the situation. If you’ve always used one style versus the other, simply because that’s what you were trained on, it’s worth a read.

The two companies profiled in this issue are great examples of how implementing new technology, and bringing the right people on board to guide its use, can lead to growth and success.

Atlantic Pipe Services has only been in business for a little over a year, but it’s made a big mark in the Florida market in that brief amount of time. The company is already running three jet/vac trucks, three television trucks and a pressure-grouting truck. Equally as important as the equipment has been the company’s push to bring on an experienced workforce. That includes Allan Cagle, company president, who brought with him 22 years of experience in the pipe rehab field.

Florida Pipe-Lining Solutions is the other company profiled in this issue. The company has been in business far longer than Atlantic Pipe Services, but it similarly owes its success to its people and the technology they put to use every day. The company is the only one in its area offering both CIPP and epoxy lining. And a team of highly trained technicians make sure every installation meets the customer’s needs.

Good equipment and good work — it’s a simple concept, and if you can put them together, you’ll have a good chance of running a successful company. I hope these stories provide some insight that helps you in your own quest for success.

Enjoy this month’s issue.


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