Get a better grip on sewer inspections

Get a better grip on sewer inspections

Get a better grip on sewer inspections

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Inspection cameras have revolutionized the sewer maintenance industry, but the process doesn’t come without problems. Often sewer pipes are so full of grease and grime that it’s difficult for tractor-mounted cameras to get enough traction to move. TruGrit Traction solves that problem.

The TruGrit is a polymer and carbide grit camera transporter and cutter wheel designed to provide maximum pulling power in all pipe types and conditions. Using universal reusable hub adapters, the TruGrit fits most major CCTV transporter and cutter brands. 

“The TruGrit has the unique ability to provide the traction needed for varying pipe types, yet it still provides the flexibility needed to traverse through obstacles without damaging the pipe,” says Tom Rebozo, director of sales and marketing for TruGrit Traction. “This is what sets it apart from the common steel carbide grit wheels on the market today. Thanks to an optimal blend of flexible polymer and carbide grit, TruGrit wheels do not get dull, even in clay and concrete pipe; they only get better as they wear, making them truly a universal wheel for all your CCTV inspection and trenchless needs.”

The key, Rebozo says, is in the wheel’s universal hub adapters. The wheel can be used on various camera transporters and robotic cutters, such as Aries Industries, CUES, Envirosight, RapidView IBAK North America, ID-TEC, RST, Rausch and Schwalm USA. After three years’ research and development, a wheel for 8-inch pipe was released in February 2017, with a version for 6-inch pipe in February 2018.

“The fact that one wheel can accommodate seven different camera transporter and cutter brands, and also work in all pipe types without getting dull, is a huge step forward for an industry that has struggled for years in greasy pipe trying to get footage,” Rebozo says.

According to Rebozo, the TruGrit is also an ideal alternative for reinstating laterals in a timely manner while protecting the new liner. “The fact that a contractor or municipality with multiple brands of transporters and cutters can purchase one wheel that fits all of their equipment is very unique, especially in such a niche industry with tight propriety OEM specifications.” 407-900-1091;


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