Grouts, Sealants and I&I Prevention

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Manhole chimney repair


Inflow and infiltration entering the sewer system through manholes during wet weather caused severe overflows at the three New Lenox (Ill.) Wastewater Treatment Plants. Senior operator Keith McKeen looked for a cost-effective and easy way to remove as much I&I as possible.



The village applied Parsonpoxy FP from Parson Environmental Products to manhole frames where they meet the riser rings. The two-component, flexible, 100 percent solids polyamine epoxy absorbs stresses created when cracks and joints move with freeze and thaw cycles. The corrosion-resistant and waterproof epoxy applies to dry surfaces with a putty knife or brush.



“The compound is cheaper per manhole than purchasing chimney seals, and is easily and correctly applied by our summer staff,” says McKeen. “It also has greatly reduced our I&I problem.” 800/356-9023;


Cleanable flume system


Opposing flows and four-channel geometry in a sanitary sewer in Renton, Wash., prevented solids from leaving the manhole. Workers cleaned the structure regularly. The city needed a solution that ended blockages, leaks, corrosion, infiltration through the base, and surcharging.



The city and contractor JAC in Kent, Wash., chose the fiberglass modular manhole channel system from RELINER/Duran. The plastic composite forms create lined invert flumes in live manholes. Fiberglass pipe ends bolt to the sections for tying to sewer pipes. Workers then plug the inlets and outlets, leaving one-half of the plug in the host pipe and one-half in the channel. They inflate the plugs, brace the assembly to prevent flotation, and backfill with quick-setting hydraulic cement. The technology is compatible with manhole construction and rehabilitation methods and materials.



When the concrete cured and the plugs were removed, the full-depth channel directed solids to the exit. A new bench and manhole liner completed the job. 800/508-6001;


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