Grouts, Sealants and I&I Prevention

Grouts, Sealants and I&I Prevention

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Corrosion protection

The Duraplate 100 Liner from A-LOK is a corrosion protection system for concrete structures. PVC polymer-blend material is thermoformed into a sectional design. The compression joints between panels allow for secure installation during the precast process and eliminate welding. The liner and seals are chemical resistant. The main panel sections are formed from a polymer blend, while the vertical panel joints are sealed with EPDM rubber, and the horizontal structure joints with preformed butyl sealant.

When pipe or other penetrations are necessary in lined manholes, the company’s Duraplate 100 Epoxy-Mortar protects exposed concrete. The three-part, resin aggregate system forms a trowelable epoxy mortar that applies easily to overhead or vertical surfaces. When cured, it resists hydrogen sulfide and sulfuric acid. 800/822-2565;


Manhole seal

The Sewer Lid Seal Kit from American Highway Products eliminates lid vibrations and reduces noise, while providing a hermetic seal against water infiltration and odors. One kit includes four 1-inch-wide, 1/8-inch-thick Tac-Tape rolls made of EPR elastomer/butyl-rubber, each 11 feet long.

One kit seals eight standard 23-inch-diameter lids. The tape is cut to fit each lid and frame so that it will seal any diameter lid. Installation involves wire-brushing the seat of the frame to remove dirt and debris, applying Tac-Tape plastic side up, cutting to length and replacing the lid. The Sewer Lid Seal Kit can be used on manhole covers, utility valve box lids, catch basin grates, and underground vault lids. 888/272-2397;


Hydrophobic grout

AV-248 Flexseal HV from Avanti International is a hydrophobic grout that cures to a flexible foam for sealing water leaks. The expansive foam is MDI-based, can go through wet/dry cycles, and injects as a single-component material. With adjustable cure times based on the amount of AV-249 Catalyst HV used, the resin requires minimal water to complete curing and can be used in above- and belowground structures. The grout can be used with pressure injection systems or applied with oakum/resin rod as a joint repair in large-diameter pipes, manholes and storm sewers. 800/877-2570;


Green sealant

SealGreen from Cretex Specialty Products is a two-part sealant designed to adhere directly to concrete, brick, iron and mortar. It does not require sandblasting or priming; users simply brush away loose material. The solvent-free polyurethane material comes in two premeasured cans and is mixed and applied with a paintbrush. The sealant cures in place, and remains soft and flexible throughout its service life. 800/345-3764;


Chemical injection packer

The Low-Void Packer from CUES is a chemical injection multigrout packer that can operate with existing grout systems for mainline joint sealing. It can be used with acrylamide, acrylate, urethane and other common grouting materials in 8- to 15-inch pipe. The packer reduces the size of the grout void to minimize the amount of residual grout and reduce cost. Field replaceable rubber sleeves are available. 800/327-7791;


Epoxy liner

Epoxytec CPP is a two-component, moisture-insensitive, highly adhesive, chemical-resistant, 100 percent solids, high-strength epoxy paste designed for trowel application. The system provides a structural liner, coating or patch for rehabilitation of infrastructure and protection against corrosion. The epoxy paste can be applied as a single coat or multicoat system and is approved for use in potable water. 877/463-7699;


Manhole rehab

Concrete and manhole rehabilitation products from Infrastructure Repair Systems, Infragard and Chim Coat are an easy and cost effective way to stop leaks on any concrete surface from a patch to an entire manhole. This tough, corrosion resistant, two-component, non-hazardous, ambient cure epoxy is formulated for trowel or brush application. Chim Coat expands and contracts with changing temperatures. 877/327-4216;


Test and seal packers

Test and seal grouting packers from Logiball control infiltration and exfiltration. Available as mainline and lateral packers, they work in 6- to 44-inch lines. Flexible push/pull packers for 4- to 8-inch laterals test and seal lines from an aboveground access or cleanout. Elliptical packers for 14- by 23-inch, 19- by 30-inch and 22- by 34-inch laterals and packers for box culverts are available. 800/246-5988;


Two-part resin

Ambient-cure resin from Perma-Liner Industries features three-hour cure time with 100 percent solids epoxy, zero shrinkage and no styrene. The preformulated epoxy is available in 5-gallon containers. The formulation is a two-part mix. Also available is Heat Assist resin for use with steam or hot water for rapid cure times. 866/336-2568;


Propane water heater

The Quik-Heater CIPP lateral lining resin curing process heater from Quik-Lining Systems delivers up to 150 degree F water in a compact unit. Fueled by propane, the 199,000 Btu water heater can be operated inside a building and maneuvered by one person. 714/296-5262;


Manhole removal

The magnetic Lifter from Rock Mills Enterprises Inc. safely and efficiently removes and replaces heavy manhole lids with the push of a button. Used with the LocKing Cover, the device securely locks down lids in an automated process, eliminating manhole theft and unprotected openings while protecting against unauthorized access. 

The device is powered by a 12-volt system and mounts to the front or rear of a vehicle with standard 2-inch hitch receiver. The electromagnet delivers 5,000 pounds of lifting force and 7,000 pounds of down pressure. The wireless remote control, weatherproof camera and monitor enable remote operation from the cab. An optional arm attachment allows users to swing the lifter and manhole cover out of the way. 712/451-6550;


Polymer resin lining

SpectraShield from SpectraShield Liner Systems is a systematic layering of polymer resins designed to rehabilitate and protect wastewater structures such as manholes, wet wells, and wastewater treatment plant facilities. With a design life of 100 years, the product can be installed in any shape or configuration. It prevents corrosion and stops groundwater infiltration. A typical 7-foot-deep manhole can be completed in about one hour. 800/284-2030;


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