3 Tips to Bring Your Company Into the Modern Era

Successful companies learn to adapt to the times, and plumbing and drain cleaning companies are no exception

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The plumbing and drain cleaning industry is adapting every day with new technologies that improve companies' efficiency while helping them maintain a happy customer base.

However, many companies still neglect to implement new technologies and bring their business into the modern era. Those companies often struggle to grow. Here are a few tips for bringing your company into the modern age.

Invest in business software

Every plumbing and drain cleaning company should invest in business software that allows them to seamlessly integrate their entire operation. Good software is key to running a more efficient operation that can take on more jobs and complete them quickly. Top-notch software can help you improve your scheduling, inventory management, and accounting. It allows you to send notifications to clients, send a photo of your technician to clients so they know who will be entering their home, and do paperless billing with clients paying you immediately after the job is done.

Software ensures you know where your techs are at all times and paperless payment means no one has to drive all the way back to the office to write an estimate and then drive back to the house for payment. The less time your technicians spend making extra trips or doing extra tasks is more time available to take on a new job.

If you want to modernize your company, ditch the paper system and invest in a business software.

Invest in quality fleet vehicles

You can’t complete a job unless you can get to the job, which is why it is important to purchase reliable fleet vehicles.

Ideally, you want capable trucks that are big enough to carry extra materials and carry the weight that comes along with it. The manufacturer you buy from should have a history of making vehicles that need minimal maintenance. Every time a truck is off the road that is an opportunity lost.

Fuel efficiency is crucial right now with gas prices being high. You want to avoid filling up your tank as much as you can. However, you may need to determine whether fuel efficiency or a large truckload is better for your company. If you have a large service radius, a fuel-efficient truck may be more important than having a large truck bed. But if you work in a smaller radius, being able to carry all the parts you need for each job that day might be the best option.

Avoid wasting money by spending time fixing broken vehicles, invest in a good fleet and your company will make more money.

Update your equipment

The tools and products you use should be up to date. It is important that you have modern options for modern homeowners. You need to keep up with what consumers want and many of them want new technology. For instance, you can’t just do regular water heater installation; you also need to provide customers with a tankless water heater option.

It is also important that your company's equipment is current. You want modern and efficient tools to ensure you can get your job done quickly. One of the best investments our company made was investing in cameras to better inspect sewer lines. The camera allows us to find the issue with a sewer line without having to tear apart the entire house.

These may seem like obvious upgrades for many companies, but there are still many companies that are not aware of some of these technologies. Modernizing your company is an important step to ensure its continued growth. Don’t live in the past. Invest in good business software, reliable fleets, and modern tools. Doing these things will make your company more efficient and more profitable.

About the Author

Joe Hammer is the owner of SAK Electric Plumbing Inc., a Phoenix-based plumbing company serving the area for over 30 years. SAK is proud to service residents with affordable and friendly plumbing repair and installation.


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