In Photos: Cleaning Contractors Out on the Job Site

Check out this photo gallery featuring Cleaner’s profiled contractors of 2018

With the two profiles Cleaner magazine features each month, we capture the work that contractors do through both words and pictures.

When photographers accompany contractors on job sites, far more photos are taken than are able to fit on the pages of the magazine. So we put together this gallery of “bonus” photos featuring the companies that have been profiled so far this year.

Fabian Ferrufino of Downstream Services in Escondido, California, featured in the April 2018 issue, drops into a manhole in order to help guide the installation of Reline America's UV-cured ALPHALINER.

Workers from Downstream Services guide a liner into a manhole.

Alfredo Arce of Downstream Services cleans a storm drain.

A crew from Diversified Underground in Aurora, Colorado, featured in the March 2018 issue, prepares for an underground utilities project by potholing to determine the depth of an existing electrical line. 

Mike Canandy of Diversified Underground prepares to start horizontal directional drilling with a Vermeer D20X22 equipped with a Digital Trak F5 locating package.

Michael Griego and Scott Canadas of Diversified Underground pothole to locate a utility.

Denny Kelley of Shelton Plumbing, featured in the January 2018 issue, performs an inspection in a residence using a RIDGID SeeSnake.

Caleb Graff and Denny Kelley of Shelton Plumbing

Caleb Graff of Shelton Plumbing puts equipment away in the back of a work truck.

Meagan Shoemake of B Clean in Laurel, Mississippi, featured in the May 2018 issue, pumps waste into a Vactor HXX hydroexcavator.

Derek Wagner, a camera truck supervisor for B Clean, answers a question from a co-worker during a demonstration.

Meagan Shoemake and Kandace Haney of B Clean pack up equipment after cleaning a grease trap.

Kandace Haney of B Clean working on a job site.

Bradd Conn, master plumber and owner of American Rooter Plumbing, featured in the May 2018 issue, pulls out a large wad of roots after using a RIDGID drum machine on a drain cleaning job.

Bradd Conn of American Rooter Plumbing grabs some gear from his Mercedes Sprinter van.

Bradd Conn of American Rooter Plumbing shows customers the condition of their water as part of routine water heater maintenance.

Workers from NCM Hydro Vac Services in Ottawa, Ontario, featured in the February 2018 issue, off-load a truck at the company’s waste management facility.

Luc Emmell of NCM Hydro Vac cleans a city of Ottawa sewer following a heavy rainfall.

Mike Leonard, owner of Mike Leonard's Plumbing in Hershey, Pennsylvania, featured in the April 2018 issue, prepares to inspect a drain.

Mike Leonard of Mike Leonard's Plumbing working inside one of his trucks on a job.

Ben Smith, owner of Marvel Sewer and Drain in Fridley, Minnesota, featured in the January 2018 issue, reaches for equipment from above a trailer prior to a lining job. 

Ben Smith of Marvel Sewer and Drain uses a dolly to transport a Clog Dog by Clog Squad to a customer’s basement in order to clean a sewer line.

Ben Smith (kneeling) and Alex Pannez of Marvel Sewer and Drain wet-out a transition liner.

Ben Smith of Marvel Sewer and Drain uses a roller table to wet-out a transition liner.


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