Licensee Network Offers Countless Mutual Benefits

Collaborating and sharing knowledge with other contractors leads to more business growth opportunities.
Licensee Network Offers Countless Mutual Benefits
"When you are not competing against other installers using the same product, it leads to fair market pricing and quality workmanship," says David Kallfelz (right). Kallfelz is pictured here with Fuquay Inc., CEO John Fuquay (left) and CFO Dauphen Jackson.

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Fuquay Inc., the Sprayroq certified partner for the state of Texas, attributes some of its successful installations of polyurethane linings and rehabilitation projects to its ability to network with other similar installer contractors through annual and seasonal manufacturer installer meetings.

One of the state’s largest manhole rehabilitation and trenchless technology firms with more than 200 employees, Fuquay started as a four-person company that focused exclusively on hydromulching. Over the years, when selecting new technologies to add to its service portfolio, the firm was particularly attracted to products and/or manufacturers that offer a protected territory.

Fuquay Inc. General Manager David Kallfelz explains, “When you are not competing against other installers using the same product, it leads to fair market pricing and quality workmanship. By not putting contractors in a position of competing for the same project using the same product, the necessity to cut corners in order to win low-bid-based projects is eliminated. It ensures fair pricing for providing viable solutions for the customer.”

When Fuquay Inc. became part of the Sprayroq certified partner network, there were only a handful of installers. The ability to share knowledge at the annual meetings and subsequent conference calls helped not only Fuquay but also its fellow installers.

The group is much bigger now with installers from all over the country actively collaborating and sharing information on how to handle projects, overcome challenges, increase technical proficiency and identify new applications for the technology to open up more business growth opportunities.

“Because you know you’re not in competition against one another you are free to discuss ideas, challenges and solutions to common problems, and this benefits everyone in the network.”

Kallfelz advises other contractors to look for opportunities to meet with other contractors they are not competing with in order to share their collective wealth of knowledge. “Sharing findings about new technologies or comparing notes about something you are considering trying helps everyone make solid business decisions. When this type of communication occurs, our entire industry benefits.”


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