Inside the March 2011 Issue of Cleaner

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Up the Learning Curve Up the Learning Curve
Years after emigrating from South Africa, a Tennessee contractor finds keys to growth in a focus on customers and devotion to a franchise
Industry News - March 2011
Plumbing Franchises Rank Among Magazine’s Top 500; Abresist Corp. Changes Name to Abresist Kalenborn Corp.; IPR Names Vellano VP Sales, Marketing; TST Sweden Names QualJet Safety Products Distributor; Haaker, Son of Company Founder, Passes Away; Consortium Seeks U.S. Businesses for Global Projects Database
Finding the Balance
Contractors use a variety of strategies to make sure they can carve out family time amid the heavy demands of owning a business
Beyond ‘Three Trucks’ Beyond ‘Three Trucks’
By learning to be a businessman as well as a technician, Frankey Grayton took his company to new levels of success
Product News - March 2011 Product News - March 2011
Featured products of March
A Benefit to Smile About
Instead of a costly dental insurance plan, a dental discount card can be an affordable way to build up employee benefit offerings
In the Mud In the Mud
A Texas contractor uses hydroexcavation to remove compacted soil from under a swimming pool with a fractured drainpipe
Jetting Unit Designed for Long Life and Quiet Operation Jetting Unit Designed for Long Life and Quiet Operation Efficiency Under Pressure Efficiency Under Pressure
Waterblasters help a New York State contractor deliver high productivity and shorten customers’ plant shutdowns
On and Off
You need to keep your people safe on the job. But it’s nice if they’re careful at home, too.
The Achilles Heel
The one insurance coverage you should have but don’t could open the door to a catastrophic loss that ruins everything you have spent years building
Armor Yourself
To protect against calamities that could cripple or ruin your business, you need to consider insurance that goes well beyond the obvious coverage
Right the First Time Right the First Time
Quality control is not a matter of after-the-fact checking of inspection data. It is a state of mind and an insistence on perfection as the everyday goal.