Inside the March 2010 Issue of Cleaner

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Green Up
B. Frank Joy Co. scours its operations for ways to use less fuel, save electricity, recycle materials, and in general be more earth-friendly
Industry News - March 2010
Ritam Technologies Launches New Web Site; Mr. Rooter Among Magazine’s Top Franchises
Just Like a Limo
Perry Mechanical Contractors treats customers to service in style as he builds a diversified and highly profitable contracting business
All-Purpose Performer
A converted van carries waterjetting, CIPP lining, drain cleaning and inspection equipment for Advanced Hydro-Jet and Rooter Service Inc.
Product News - March 2010
Featured products of March.
Angels of Mercy
A contractor uses hydroexcavation to help repipe a Florida assisted living facility without disturbing its health care mission
But Wait, There’s More
Tired of your company not working to its full potential? Give your business a boost by adopting some marketing techniques perfected by the late Billy Mays
Learning from the Mad Men
Here’s something I learned from about a dozen years patrolling the halls of advertising agencies: The essential components of a direct-mail campaign
Dealing With Debt
A difficult economy can mean strains on small-business finances. Take this advice to help keep debt from dragging your business down.
Dealing With Slow Payers
Online discussion forum members share procedures for ensuring prompt payment for work or charging those who pay late
Lighter, compact, all-in-one design
The Gen-Eye SD inspection system from General Pipe Cleaners is designed to provide all the capabilities of a full-size system in a compact, portable package. It is designed to troubleshoot 3- to 10-inch lines, but it can be mounted on a mini reel to view 2- to 4-inch lines.
In the Book or Online?
Contractors share perspectives on the value of Yellow Pages advertising versus the growing world of Internet marketing
It’s Serious Business
In considering trench safety, it’s important to remember that in cave-ins, earth is not friendly
Filling the Pipeline
In many cases, the best way to find high-quality CCTV inspection operators is to find people with the right personal attributes and train them yourself