Product News - February 2023

Product News - February 2023


The Patterson davit crane will be in action at February’s WWETT Show, Booth 4540. Designed for ease of use, durability and reliability, the cranes incorporate the highest-quality components and finishes. The low-maintenance, easy-to-assemble design is portable so multiple locations can be serviced with a single piece of equipment, minimizing upfront investment. Additionally, the crane is designed with adequate reach to lift large loads within tight spaces, and a boom that can be adjusted to nearly 45 degrees to allow for clearance over obstructions such as handrails. It also comes standard with a hot-dipped galvanized finish, stainless steel hardware and steel sheaves, making it ideal for wet work environments. Available in 1/2- and 1-ton capacities, Patterson Davit Cranes are made in the U.S. and deliver on the company’s promise of keeping employees safe and positively impacting your business’s bottom line. 800-322-2018;


Electric Eel’s upgraded eCAM Ace 2 SL inspection camera has a display screen that is twice as bright, improving the clarity and definition of viewing images and data. A brighter screen provides better contrast and visibility of inspection, making it ideal in brightly lit environments like full and direct sunlight. There is also a new location on the rear of the monitor for the battery cradle and AC/DC power input. The unit can handle both 18-volt battery and 12-volt AC/DC adapter inputs (not at the same time). Other new standard features include addition of screen shot function in JPG format; on/off function instead of powering up when plugged in; menus in three languages including English, French and Spanish; upgraded keypad to reflect new functionality, including sonde function operated from keypad rather than being switched on 100% of the time; and improved battery life off a single charge. 800-833-1212;


The OX transport system from TRY TEK can be used as a camera transporter or adapt the TRY TEK T150 Reinstatement Cutter to a “tractor-driven” system. The OX was designed to work in 8-, 10-, 12- and 15-inch pipes. It has a robust tractor design to pull/push heavy loads. It features a universal camera cradle for 2 1/4- to 3 1/4-inch-diameter mounting tubes and has free-wheel capability for fast retrieval using a camera cable reel. The system has solid connection hubs with zero hub-to-tire slippage and quick-change durable rubber tires, adaptable wheel configurations and risers that accommodate pipe size variation, from lined or unlined 8 to 15 inches in diameter. The system also features an all eight-wheel drive system with electronic load leveling and a drive speed of 45 feet per minute under a full load. 717-428-1477;


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