Product Focus: Field and Office Technology

Product Focus: Field and Office Technology

My Service Depot Smart Service

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Smart Service from My Service Depot is a software system that functions as a direct add-on to QuickBooks. It adds scheduling, dispatching, invoicing and customer management to QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise and Online. This allows users to schedule and dispatch work to their customers using their preferred QuickBooks platform. It empowers drain cleaning businesses to streamline their operations and eliminate waste. When a customer calls, an office dispatcher will create a job in the scheduler, filling in notes and assigning it to a field technician. This sends an electronic work order to the technician’s phone or tablet. When that technician arrives at the customer’s location, they’ll build up the work order, collect a customer signature, collect payment and send the completed paperwork back to the office. 888-518-0818;


The Summit Service System from Ritam Technologies provides five editions, addressing various business needs, including Lite, which offers simplified work order entry and emphasis on either reminders for repeat business, or scheduling and dispatching; Plus, which includes both Lite options; Pro, which adds work order details, billing and accounting; Deluxe, which adds commissions, parts inventory tracking, and QuickBooks tie-in; and Premium, which adds an account web portal for online customer payments, account settings and service requests. Adding Summit Mobility allows the user to create mobile schedules with job history access, with the desktop showing Google map tracking of schedules, current location and job status. The system provides Cloud data storage and automatic data backup protection. Customer/job site information leads to work orders, where drag-and-drop calendars manage scheduling. Three technicians/crews are allowed per job with different arrival times and durations. It also includes job site diagrams, progress photos and clean-out location(s). 800-662-8471;


ServiceCore Software offers waste or roll-off businesses with a tool designed to cut wasted time, manage jobs, optimize routes, track inventory and automate billing. 844-336-0611;


Designed for apprentices and helpers, Successware Track is a timekeeping tool for the Successware mobile app that offers timecard management and geolocation features as well as the ability to take and upload photographs. With timecard management, clocking in and out for the day becomes a streamlined, digital process that is sent directly to the back office and inputted into payroll. No more paper timecards or asking employees to drop them back at the office. It syncs directly with Successware Office. Geolocation is also available, sending an employee’s location to the back office while they are on a job site. Dispatchers can see where they are and plan who to dispatch to the next assignment. Geolocation automatically confirms a technician’s arrival at a job site when they are within range of the service location, eliminating the need for them to check in manually. 888-272-8009;



AssetCommand Base from DPL Telematics is designed to increase driver safety and productivity while decreasing the costs and risk of vehicle accidents and theft. Managers can remotely shut down their machines, wirelessly locate them anytime via GPS, collect odometer/runtime readings, track service intervals and receive real-time alerts for speeding or potentially dangerous driving. Driver ID options include iButton or RFID badges to restrict access to authorized drivers and correctly log each driver’s activity. Users can also receive alerts for loss of power and boundary or curfew violations to curb unauthorized use. It is palm-sized has no external antenna and contains an internal backup battery to continue operating the unit if disconnected. Customers are allowed to deactivate and reactivate anytime without penalty. 800-897-8093;


Fleetio’s suite of cloud- and mobile-based fleet management solutions enables fleets of all sizes to automate fleet operations and manage asset life cycles. Users can instantly access and update data regarding inspections, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, parts, fuel and drivers. The products improve communication and streamline issue resolution with a mobile app, email notifications and reminders. The products also integrate with telematics solutions for automated odometer updates, DTC handling and fuel location reporting that pairs with fuel cards to automatically log transaction data at fuel up. Fleet managers, drivers, technicians, parts managers and other personnel have access to the tools and information they need anytime, anywhere. 800-975-5304;



infraMAP software from iWater is a cloud-based maintenance management system that allows seamless data collection, map updates and digital recordkeeping for historical purposes. Originally designed to reduce overtime, eliminate paperwork and make everyone’s job easier, the application has been perfected by the field personnel who use it every day. This easy-to-use software is geared toward mobile field crews and office staff, and does not require GIS experience — bringing together field crews, management, GIS and engineering into a commercial off-the-shelf product. 949-768-4549;


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