Product Focus - September 2021

Product Focus - September 2021

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Inspection Cameras/Accessories

1 // Aries Industries Mobile Pathfinder System
The Mobile Pathfinder System from Aries Industries is a lightweight, portable system for accurately inspecting mainlines that are 6 inches or larger. It includes a powerful transporter, camera and lightweight reel; these components are operated by an all-in-one remote control. The transporter comes in a variety of wheel sizes and is equipped with a rear-viewing camera and an adjustable electric lift to keep the camera centered in a range of pipe sizes. It features a WiperCam pan-and-tilt camera with an in-the-pipe cleaning system and field-replaceable wipers. The camera has a 300-degree viewing angle and LED lighting system to capture pipe details and ensure accurate assessments. The lightweight reel has 1,000 feet of low-friction, multiconductor cable, making the system fully portable. 800-234-7205;

2 // CPI Products PoleCat
Sometimes push inspection cameras are hard to control when not in a pipe and trying to look into a ground-level space. It can be dangerous to kneel down and stick your head in these places, and in some areas, that violates safety rules. When needing to look into a manhole or confined space, inspectors often resort to improvising ways to control their inspection camera. The PoleCat from CPI Products is designed and made for this application. Simply strap an inspection camera to it with the preinstalled Velcro, loosen the lock nut, turn to the angle desired, attach any standard broomstick threaded extension pole and it’s ready. It fits any push inspection camera and installs in minutes. 413-443-0925;

3 // Envirosight Verisight Pro+
The Verisight Pro+ from Envirosight includes a stainless self-leveling camera with shadowless, variable LED illumination to capture crisp video footage, regardless of pipe material. With supplied centering devices, it inspects lines 2 inches and up and snakes through multiple bends for maximum range. An integral tri-band sonde (33 kHz, 512 Hz, 640 Hz) works with most any locator. Its rugged welded-steel coiler comes with 130, 200 or 330 feet of pushrod. The entire system runs continuously for six hours off internal rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, or off mains or vehicle power. Its multilanguage controller displays footage on an 8-inch TFT LCD screen and captures up to 90 hours of MP4 video on an SD/SDHC card (up to 32 GB) or USB stick (up to 128 GB). It lets you zoom 3X and capture images in JPEG format from both live and recorded video, and it offers a 16-page text writer with full QWERTY keyboard. 866-838-3763;

4 // EPL Solutions Gvision
The Gvision camera system from EPL Solutions offers a rugged, compact solution for inspecting pipelines 3 to 12 inches in diameter. Available with 200 to 400 feet of pushrod, the reel has a stiff yet flexible fiberglass cable that is optimized for farther pushes through turns and bends. The color camera is self-leveling and includes a powerful, convenient, always-on 

512 Hz transmitter for quick and precise area determination. The antiglare LCD monitor delivers a clear, crisp picture even in direct sunlight. To record video inspections, connect a USB storage device or Apple mobile device directly into the USB port. The DVR outputs HD-quality videos, which can be stored and shared from a mobile device. 714-453-9760;

5 // Forbest Mini Pan & Tilt Inspection Camera System
The Mini Pan & Tilt Inspection Camera System from Forbest can be used to inspect a pipe range from 2 to 36 inches. This system comes with a cable reel capable of holding 200 feet of cable and a 10-inch multifunction control station that allows the user to input text notes on video or still photos. The user can record the video or store the picture by using a USB stick or Micro SD card. Most of the company’s camera heads are compatible with this system. 877-369-1199;

6 // General Pipe Cleaners Gen-Eye
The Gen-Eye USB video inspection system from General Pipe Cleaners lets the user record videos and photos on popular USB flash drives. The compact, lightweight package includes a Command Module with a USB port to store video or still images (up to 128 GB capacity), a 10.4-inch LCD color monitor for crisp, clear pictures and a full-size, waterproof keyboard for on-screen titling, footage counter, date and time stamp, and voice-over microphone. All are safely contained in a heavy-duty Pelican case that weighs just 12 pounds. 800-245-6200;

7 // GP Sewer Cam
The GP Sewer Cam is made to be dropped. The heart of the jet-powered system is its durable and simple-to-use GoPro Hero 7 Black camera. Not only is GoPro camera technology affordable, but its durability guarantee has made it the go-to camera to document extreme sports, where it takes a physical beating. The skid unit is compatible with 6- to 18-inch pipe and is constructed from Type 304 stainless steel. Custom skids are available for larger pipe. GP Sewer Cam has teamed up with Arthur Products so every GP Sewer Cam comes with a custom-drilled (to buyer’s jetting specs) nozzle. The unit is 4 1/2 pounds, has three screws and one moving part, and is completely made in the U.S. 310-774-9468;

8 // Electric Eel eCAM Pro 2
The eCAM Pro 2 from Electric Eel has a built-in battery cradle that accepts a Milwaukee M18 or equivalent battery (battery not included). This allows for operation in remote locations or anywhere electricity is not available. It includes a rugged stainless steel-housed, 1.68-inch self-leveling color camera with sapphire lens; a 20-LED light ring with an impact-resistant polycarbonate light ring cover; and a high-resolution CCD element. A flexible camera spring navigates 3 inch P-traps. The unit comes standard with 200 feet of braided fiberglass premium 1/2-inch-diameter pushrod (reel capacity available up to 400 feet), industry-standard 512 Hz sonde, 10.4-inch daylight-readable monitor with click-touch controls, one-touch recording directly to a USB flash drive, voice-over recording, an 8X zoom function, audio/video out jacks, 8 inch wheels for easy maneuverability and a secure-locking reel brake. 800-833-1212;

9 // Hathorn Wi-Fi DuraSCOPE
Hathorn’s Wi-Fi DuraSCOPE inspection cameras offer the convenience of streaming video inspections to an Apple or Android mobile device using the free PipeSTREAM app. It can be used to take screenshots, overlay voice commentary and share videos with up to four devices. It has the choice of DuraCAM self-leveling or straight-view camera heads in multiples sizes and an on-screen footage counter. Municipal-grade camera reels are built tough, with butt-welded steel-frame construction, stainless steel camera heads and a choice of HDPE premium pushrod size allows the user to push far and remain in the field longer. It has 512 Hz sonde control and external 18-volt Milwaukee battery compatibility for quick swap-outs and longer time in the field. 866-428-4676;

10 // Insight Vision Cameras IRIS
The IRIS inspection system from Insight Vision Cameras combines a motorized crawler, a motorized power-rewind/feed-assist cable drum and an easy-to-use inspection application. The corrosion-resistant brass-bodied crawler has a 180-degree pan and 360-degree tilt camera to inspect pipes from 6 to 12 inches (up to 18 inches with optional pneumatic wheel set). The reel has 600 feet of Kevlar coax cable and plenty of USB, HDMI and SD external ports. The 10-inch daylight-readable touch screen has the easy-to-use Insight Vision app running on a Windows 10 operating system. The system is portable and can be used with various setups or mounted in a truck. 262-268-9330;

11 // MyTana PGR400
MyTana’s PGR400 push camera has the range and rigidity to inspect long laterals and small mains, with the choice of a 400- or 325-foot pushrod for use in lines 4 to 12 inches in diameter. The reel has a brake with adjustable drag to help manage the pushrod as you work. A self-leveling camera head with adjustable LED illumination delivers crisp video footage and includes a built-in 512 Hz sonde. The control box mounts securely on a full swivel bracket so you can position the 12-inch daylight-readable monitor for best viewing. All-digital recording lets you save footage to internal storage or USB flash drive. Operators can also stream video wirelessly to multiple devices. The rugged frame has balanced weight and anti-skid feet for easy maneuvering. A skid and camera guides for the camera head help jump offsets and navigate bends. 800-328-8170;

12 // Ratech Electronics Plumber’s Helper Jr.
The Plumber’s Helper Jr. pipe inspection system from Ratech Electronics is based on a small-scale reel and comes with 100 feet of mini Gel Rod cable, a removable compact command module with 7.1-inch LCD, a built-in battery and an SD recorder for recording digital images and video. This mini pipe inspection system is available with a full-spectrum, 1.375-inch, self-leveling color camera; a standard color camera; or any of the company’s three micro camera heads — 5/8-, 3/4- or 1-inch diameter. 905-660-7072;

13 // RIDGID SeeSnake CSx Via
The RIDGID SeeSnake CSx Via is a flexible, bring-your-own-screen inspection solution that provides a convenient means to stream, capture and share inspection images using an iOS, Android or Windows device. It enables reels with an interconnect port to be Wi-Fi enabled and utilizes the free RIDGID HQx Live app to remotely control the camera functions and features. Simply dock in the CSx Via Wi-Fi control device to unlock flexibility, convenience and camera operations with just a mobile screen. Remotely control all functions and features of a camera reel, including TruSense, distance counter and sonde. Multi-reel compatibility provides maximum flexibility. Purpose-built for job site durability and protection, it can be paired with the HQx Dock to hold and protect personal devices. Use as a freestanding unit or mount onto any SeeSnake Compact Series reels for fast, easy setup. 800-474-3443;

14 // SECON Extreme Series
Extreme Series cordless sewer cameras from SECON come with two 20-volt DeWALT batteries and a charging station. An 18-volt power supply is included for plug-in operation. They have SD card recording and Wi-Fi connection to view inspections in real time on personal smart devices. The unit includes a 7-inch color LCD monitor, 512 Hz sonde/transmitter and a stainless steel camera head. They are available with 100 to 300 feet of push cable and are capable of viewing 1 1/2- to 12-inch pipe. 702-527-5100;

15 // Spartan Tool Explorer
The Explorer modular camera system from Spartan Tool has a control box that is compatible with five different pushrods up to 400 feet in length, letting the user quickly adapt to any environment. Included WinCan software allows the user to map full plumbing systems for future reference, and files can be saved to a WinCan account, the cloud, external USB drives and the system’s internal storage. The stainless steel camera head provides a crisp, color picture to the superbright, sunlight-readable LCD. Change out reels to create a system that provides the ability to tackle any size job. 800-435-3866;

16 // Subsite Electronics Lateral and Mainline Inspection System 
The Lateral and Mainline Inspection System from Subsite Electronics is a fully integrated single-conductor-technology lateral launch system that performs mainline and lateral pipeline inspections simultaneously. This second-generation system uses picture-in-picture or dual video monitors and can inspect mainlines up to 500 feet in length and laterals of up to 200 feet. It can be used to inspect mainlines from 6 to 24 inches and lateral lines from 4 to 8 inches in diameter. It has a 40:1 zoom, pan-and-rotate mainline camera with auto iris and autofocus, a color rear-view camera, tilt connector for easy deployment and a high-resolution RodStar lateral camera. It offers a dual video monitor view format that lets the user view the mainline and lateral simultaneously. The six-wheel-drive tractor has three forward speeds, reverse and freewheel. 800-846-2713;

17 // TruGrit Traction wheels
TruGrit Traction brand wheels provide traction in newly installed liners, or can be used as an extremely aggressive wheel to cut through heavy grease. The original TruGrit wheel uses a blend of flexible polymer and steel carbide grit to provide added traction in all pipe types and conditions, never getting dull, only getting better as they wear. The TruGrit Steel is a solid steel wheel with an exterior finish of aggressive carbide grit to maximize traction in heavy grease and debris. With innovative hub adapters, one universal TruGrit brand wheel will fit multiple OEMs including Aries, Cues, Envirosight, IBAK, Rausch, Subsite and Schwalm. 407-900-1091;

Laser Profiler

18 // RapidView IBAK North America LaserScan Continuous Profile Analysis
RapidView IBAK North America’s ORPHEUS 2.0 and ORPHEUS 2.0 HD camera heads include LaserScan Continuous Profile Analysis that allows users to pair their inspection system with IKAS Evolution software to detect deformation of the whole pipe in one continuous motion. When the LaserScan measurement is started, the camera will begin to rotate 300 degrees per second while moving in reverse (reversing speed determines accuracy of measurements). The camera takes a measurement every 12-degree rotation. With the profile analysis report completely integrated, identifying ovality, corrosion, reduction of cross-section and internal geometry is easy. It is possible to analyze the data report right from the inspection vehicle. 800-656-4225;

Mapping Software

19 // Vivax-Metrotech VMMap Utility Mapping app
The VMMap Utility Mapping app from Vivax-Metrotech records data from the field, which is instantly available online via the VMMap Cloud web portal, or can be shared using the email function in the app. Location data is obtained from the mobile phone, or an external GPS device of your choice. Depth readings, GPS coordinates, the distance between locates and more are captured as data logs and can be saved as .xls, .txt, .shp and .kml extension files. The image capture feature allows the user to attach a JPEG format image to the surveys. This is useful to add points of interest or a snapshot of the completed survey. The app generates maps in real time, giving confidence to the field technician that the data being collected is accurate. 800-446-3392;

20 // WinCan VX
WinCan VX makes it easy to visualize inspection data with a variety of mapping tools including WinCan Maps and integrations with Esri’s ArcGIS. For quick geospatial referencing, Wincan Map allows the tech to view inspection data overlaid on GIS map assets to easily understand systemwide condition and identify maintenance needs. This is a great way for operators in the field to gain insight into the layout of pipes at a job site. For a more in-depth approach, integrations with Esri’s ArcGIS Pro offer analysis tools including heat mapping of pipe criticality. Export WinCan data directly to ArcGIS, eliminating manual conversions and data re-entry. Likewise, simply drag to select assets in ArcGIS for instant transfer of section data to WinCan. It also compares GIS data with inspection data and highlights any disparities. 877-626-8386;

Sonar Profiling

The CATVS TV and sonar sewer and storm drain inspection system from CUES transmits both video and sonar on a single multiconductor cable. It is suitable for partially and fully charged pipelines including difficult-to-inspect siphons, and can be adapted to multiple platforms including TV/sonar float, sonar-only float, steerable/nonsteerable Pipe Ranger transporters, and the Mudmaster transporter. 800-327-7791; 


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