Product Spotlight: June 2021

Product Spotlight: June 2021

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Camera systems are terrific tools to locate issues in piping systems, but they can’t give you a full picture of the inside of a pipe. That’s why Aries Industries has introduced the Laser Profiler, a video inspection solution offering speedy diagnoses of the condition and ovality of pipelines.

Able to analyze pipes from 6 to 96 inches, the Laser Profiler connects to Aries Industries’ Pathfinder and Badger transporters to inspect and provide immediate video results. Integrating with a variety of Pipeline Assessment Certification Program software, the device quickly verifies the condition of existing, new or relined pipe.

“During the research and development phase, we examined the competition in order to develop a product that would remove the most common measurement errors and provide the most accurate laser profiling,” says Jim Kraschinsky, vice president of sales for Aries Industries. “We tested our profiler in various pipe sizes and materials to verify its functionality in all possible conditions.”

The Laser Profiler detects and measures ovality, deflection, debris and cavities. Joints, offsets and connections are also detected. When used with advanced data gathering PACP software, the Laser Profiler confirms that installation of new pipe meets ovality specifications.

The device’s data reporting options can be customized for descriptive and comparative needs. Its LED lighting can be adjusted for video imaging, with a controllable iris to optimize image brightness.

“Aries uses a dedicated wide-angle camera lens that profiles up to 8-foot-diameter pipes with a fixed laser on the end of a carbon tube versus mounting the laser on a skid pulled with a chain on pipes larger than 15 inches using a camera with a smaller field of view,” Kraschinsky says. “There is no need to access a second manhole to climb down and mount a skid.”

According to Kraschinsky, feedback from those using the Laser Profiler in the field has been positive. “The laser ring is strong and bright, making the pipe deficiencies very clear. The Laser Profiler is easy to use with our existing Aries systems, and the final result is approved by our clients. In addition, the setup is easy and quick.” 800-234-7205;


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