Case Studies - June 2021

Case Studies - June 2021

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Leak detection system saves money for Texas school 

Problem / A leak beneath Anna Middle School in Anna, Texas, caused water to surface in the parking lot. The problem presented potentially costly demolition and repairs.

Solution / The school called Spencer Plumbing, and a technician used a Gen-Ear LE water leak detection system from General Pipe Cleaners. Compact and lightweight, the unit uses an advanced acoustical leak detection system to quickly and accurately locate leaks in cast iron, copper, steel and PVC lines. The equipment quickly found two distinct problems. “We fixed the small inside leak without major disruption,” says Bryan Spencer, owner of Spencer Plumbing. He then showed how the serious outside leak actually channeled water down a ditch to where it was surfacing in the parking lot. 

Result / “We pinpointed problems so clearly and quickly that the customer saved thousands in unnecessary demolition and repair work,” Spencer says. And the new equipment’s learning curve proved surprisingly short. “Once we learned to identify different types of leak sounds, we began using the system immediately.” 800-245-6200;

Wi-Fi camera systems used to locate a blockage causing backups

Problem / When a customer was experiencing backups in a toilet and tub, they called Hi-Limit Plumbing & Heating of Campbell River, British Columbia, to fix the issue. The team was able to determine that the issue was not from the homeowner’s septic tank but was caused by a problem upstream of the septic tank inlet. 

Solution / The team first tried to resolve the situation by accessing the septic inlet. They sent an inspection system upstream in the line to see if the blockage was visible, using the Large Wi-Fi Camera Reel from Hathorn. The blockage was found about 40 feet in, and a sectional cable was used in an attempt to clear it. The cable could not get past the blockage, so they used the roof of the house to clean from the other direction. This was successful in restoring flow. The team used the Micron Wi-Fi Camera Reel on the roof because it’s compact and cordless. It seamlessly streams video conveniently to the team’s phones or iPads. With the inspection system they were able to identify a collapsed/misaligned pipe in the customer’s building sewer that was causing the problem.

Result / Hi-Limit Plumbing & Heating identified the problem using Hathorn’s camera systems and were able to restore flow and repair the line so that it is fully operational. 905-604-7040; 


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