A Powerful Hydrovac for Tight Quarters

A Powerful Hydrovac for Tight Quarters

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The consensus when choosing a hydrovac truck is typically “bigger is better.” Large tanks allow for a truck to sit at a job for a long period of time before having to go to a dump site, and larger trucks typically have a higher capacity for power, which gets the job done efficiently no matter what obstacles are presented. However, with the tighter quarters found in urban areas, these large trucks don’t always make sense logistically. That’s where the SmartVac comes in.

SmartVac Hydrovacs was launched in 2014, and the company’s goal was to develop a hydrovac truck that would be reliable, have a lower operating cost, and be much easier to operate than what was available on the market.

“We wanted a truck that was so easy to operate you could send it out with an 18-year-old with almost no training,” says Braydon Dowler-Coltman, a business development representative for SmartVac Hydrovacs. “This meant that the truck had to be designed to protect itself from abuse and damage.”

SmartVac Hydrovacs began building advanced single-axle hydrovac trucks with the equivalent power of a large tri-drive vehicle. Having only one axle allows the vehicle to be operated by a wider range of drivers, as they only need to carry a Class 5 license and air brake ticket in Canada. It also reduces the cost of purchasing, operating and maintaining the truck. Not every job requires a big truck, and many big trucks are so heavy they are unable to haul more than the SmartVac without being overweight.

This truck has the capacity to work in tight quarters and maneuver under a multitude of circumstances. The main difference between SmartVac and other single-axle hydrovacs comes down to weight and power. SmartVac is a lighter and more powerful truck, thus it can carry a higher load while still being road legal, and it can dig faster.

The unit’s Roots RAM 624 blower needs about 120 hp. It can be run by a single touch screen or remote control. The truck is also made for use in all climates, and its winterization package purges all lines with the touch of a button. It has an engineered cabinet that lowers sound output to 84 dB, noise level equivalent to that of a blender. It also includes the SmartBoom, a safety feature integrating sensor technology on the boom to detect any overhead obstructions, such as power lines, errant wires and environmental interference. 403-786-9966; www.smartvac.ca.


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