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Everyone you meet can teach you something. Everyone has a story and a lesson to share.

I met Doyle Parsons at the 2017 WWETT Show. We started talking and I was immediately interested in his story. For much of his 10 years in business he had no idea the show existed, and he had no idea there was a magazine like Cleaner that’s dedicated to the industry. We talked for a while the afternoon we met, and made an appointment to talk some more the next morning.

Doyle told about me about building his business and his belief in the need to be part of something bigger than himself. He wants to lift people up and change the lives of those around him. I’m sharing that story with you in this month’s profile on Parsons Plumbing, Heating & Cooling.

I haven’t written a profile in a while. Editing a couple magazines and working on various other projects keeps me busy, so I usually pass most of the writing on to others. But I sat down and talked to Doyle myself, face to face, and I wanted to tell his story myself, too.

I’m hoping to bring you more stories from the people I met at the show in upcoming issues. Meeting you connects me to the industry. Connecting with you personally, telling your stories through my own interactions and experiences with you, is a bit like getting out in the field. It’s the difference between planning the jobs and running the business from behind your desk, and heading out to the job site and getting your hands dirty.

I mentioned Doyle, along with some other contractors from the show, back in my April column. One of them, Ben Smith of Minnesota-based Marvel Sewer and Drain, emailed to thank me and shared a pretty cool story about the first time he saw a copy of Cleaner. He said it opened his eyes to the world of drain cleaning. As editor, that’s a pretty cool thing to hear, and naturally, I’m hoping to tell his story in the near future.

I’m also planning to spend some more time talking to Bill Shuster, a New Jersey plumber I met in Indianapolis. In addition to building his business, he’s trying to provide community education opportunities and help kids get into the trades.

Doyle Parsons was an inspirational guy. Talking to him inspired me to write the story myself, and writing his story has me excited to lend my own voice to these stories.

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This issue features our annual Buyer’s Guide. Whether you’re looking for a new combo unit, inspection camera or shoring equipment, the industry’s best can be found in the guide.

This issue also includes some tips and advice on making your next equipment purchase, big or small. Laying down the cash — or tying up the credit — to make a big purchase can be stressful, but these buying tips can serve as a guideline and give you the confidence to make the right decision. After all, the right equipment makes all the difference.

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