A Pressure Washer On Steroids

New jetter is NLB’s solution for customers seeking hot water and high pressure in a compact package.
A Pressure Washer On Steroids
NLB sales representative Kirk Bell (left) points out the features of the company’s new 535 Series high-pressure jetting unit to an attendee at the 2016 WWETT Show. The unit features an Epps 700,000 Btu 12-volt diesel-fired heater that keeps water consistently hot for long periods. (Photo by Craig Mandli)

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For some cleaning applications, hot water just works best. That’s why the technicians at NLB Corp. are so excited about the company’s new 535 Series high-pressure hot-water jetting unit, on display for the first time at the 2016 Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport Show.

According to Jim Van Dam, NLB’s director of product development and marketing, the unit is ideal for anything from jetting sewer lines to treatment plant cleaning.

“This is a unit we consider our one-stop shop,” he says. “It’s really a pressure washer on steroids.”

At the heart of the unit is an NLB CV150 slow-running, 400 rpm power frame providing 10 gpm at 4,950 psi. A powerful 36 hp Yanmar four-cylinder industrial diesel engine generates power, while an Epps 700,000 Btu 12-volt diesel-fired heater keeps water consistently hot for long periods. It comes with a durable 60-gallon aluminum fuel tank and a 60-gallon stainless steel water tank, along with a stainless steel inlet filter housing. A stainless steel wye discharge fitting allows for multiple guns to be in operation simultaneously. The unit is available in a skid-mount configuration or on a heavy-duty tandem-axle trailer.

“While cold-water jetters are certainly effective, for certain applications, hot water is the way to go,” Van Dam says. “In certain applications, warm or hot water can increase the cleaning effectiveness of high-pressure jetting operations, especially when cleaning grease from pipes or clearing ice-clogged pipes.”

The 535 Series was completely new to the industry at the 2016 WWETT Show, so it has understandably received little feedback. According to Van Dam, the unit was in development for several months prior to the show, and the first unit was delivered to an NLB customer just days before the show opened.

“It’s certainly a product that we feel is a great fit for a lot of the attendees at this show,” he says. “We designed it specifically for the people we see here.”
NLB Corp. is a longtime exhibitor at the WWETT Show. Van Dam says it always gives them the opportunity both to meet with existing customers and show off their products to potential new customers.

“This show in particular is great because so many of the people here work with the types of products we focus our business on,” he says. “We’re always very excited to come here to learn what people in this industry are looking for.”

In fact, Van Dam pointed out that it was feedback gained from past WWETT Shows in particular that led to the design of the 535 Series. They were looking for a jetter that was powerful enough to perform pipe cleaning, yet compact enough to get into tight areas for floor cleaning and other functions. The hot water capability is an added feature that increases the unit’s versatility.

“I would say this is our most versatile unit for meeting the varied needs of those in the drain cleaning industry,” he says. “The feedback we’ve gotten from the people at the show has told us that this is exactly what they are looking for.” 800/227-7652; www.nlbcorp.com.


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