Pipe Bursting Methods And Projects

Pipe Bursting Methods And Projects
American Shoring Slide Rail Shoring System

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Pipe Bursting Tools

Modular pipe bursting machine

The Model PD-33 pipe bursting machine from Pow-r Mole Sales has a 24-inch stroke. Its nonslip cylinder-activated jaws prevent cable damage, while developing 60,000 pounds of pulling force at a rate of 6 feet per minute. It offers a cost-effective alternative to open-cut by reducing excavation up to 85 percent, and can burst cast-iron, concrete, HDPE, asbestos cement, PVC, ductile iron, Orangeburg and clay pipe from 2 to 6 inches. It’s a modular machine and can be disassembled into easily transported pieces with no single part weighing over 98 pounds. 800/344-6653; www.powrmole.com.

Pipe bursting puller

The Model 7000 pipe bursting puller from Poweram replaces existing utilities by pulling pipe splitting and/or bursting tools through the old pipe and pulling a new pipe into the same space. The new pipe can be the same size or larger than the old pipe. With over 118,000 pounds of pulling force, it can split or burst up to 12-inch pipe and pull back up to 16-inch pipe in most soil conditions. The longest practical distance depends on the type of pipe to be replaced, terrain (grade changes), soil conditions, and repair couplings or splice pieces encountered. 715/537-9050; www.poweram.com.

Lateral pipe bursting machine

The lightweight lateral pipe bursting machine from RODDIE Inc. slides apart into two components of 50 and 60 pounds that can be lowered and reassembled by hand in the excavated pulling pit. In most cases this machine is powered and operated by a mini-excavator or bobcat tractor. It is capable of a pulling force of 30 to 50 tons, and can be used on 4-, 6- and 8-inch sewer laterals, but can also replace 1- to 4-inch water services. 888/406-3821; www.pipeburstingamerica.com.

Pipe bursting system

The UnderTaker pipe bursting system from Spartan Tool will replace existing sewer laterals with new, seamless, high-flow HDPE pipe from 2 to 6 inches in diameter. The system sets up quickly, without any tools, and handles up to three 45-degree bends in the existing pipe. No component weighs over 70 pounds, so it’s easy to position for any job with very minimal disruption to the customer’s yard or business. 800/435-3866; www.spartantool.com.

Hydraulic bursting pump

The ergonomic Hi-Flow 13HP hydraulic pump from TRIC Tools delivers 4 gpm up to 5,000 psi, measures 28 by 27 by 26 inches, and weighs about 280 pounds wet. Ideally matched with the company’s X30 lateral bursting system, it also features an onboard pressure gauge, hour meter, folding transport handle and pick-point for loading/unloading, plus removable hoses and heavy-duty pendant control cable. A repositioned wheelbase and larger pneumatic tires make repositioning it easy. 888/883-8742; www.trictools.com.

Tension winch

The TT Technologies 3-ton Grundowinch hydrostatic constant-tension winch is suited for underground utility applications including pipe bursting, underground cable pulling, sliplining, pipe pulling and swage lining. It has protective cable storage and is available with an air-cooled diesel or gas engine, as well as an adjustable boom. The constant-tension design means any cable slack is immediately sensed and quickly taken up automatically. Single-lever tension control (no gears to engage), power-assisted winch line feed and winch controls located at the rear of the unit to provide a safe view of the job while operating come standard. It can pull up to 3,280 feet of 3/8-inch cable at speeds of up to 160 feet per minute. 630/851-8200; www.tttechnologies.com.

Horizontal Directional Drilling

Midsize horizontal directional drill

Designed for the underground utility contractor, the JT25 HDD from Ditch Witch offers 27,000 pounds of thrust and pullback, a rotational drive with 4,000 ft-lbs of torque and quiet drill operation. It is ideal for installing utility pipe and cables of up to 12 inches in diameter at lengths of up to 500 feet. It features a 130 hp, Tier 4i Cummins diesel engine. 800/654-6481; www.ditchwitch.com.

34-inch pneumatic hammer

The 34-inch pneumatic pipe-ramming hammer from HammerHead Trenchless Equipment can install casing 48 to 180 inches in diameter in drainage culvert and washover applications. It also can be used for pipe assist or pipe extraction, guided pilot bore ramming and horizontal directional drilling. 800/331-6653; www.hammerheadtrenchless.com.

Directional drilling pipe

Directional drilling pipe from Underground Tools Inc. fits all drill rig sizes from mini through maxi. It is made from high-quality materials, with consideration given to precise threaded connections. Integral forged drill pipe and forged/inertia-welded pipe are available. In addition, HIWS drill stems Versions I and II are available through manufacturer-direct distribution. All products come with DirtSmart technical service. 866/488-3478; www.undergroundtools.com.

Tier 4 horizontal directional drill

The D9x13 S3 Navigator horizontal directional drill from Vermeer has a small footprint that makes it ideal for installation projects in congested urban areas. It has a 44 hp Kubota Tier 4 Final engine, delivering 9,000 pounds of thrust/pullback and 1,300 ft-lbs of rotational torque. A hydrostatic hydraulic system for the thrust and rotation circuits increases efficiency, allowing better use of engine horsepower. It also improves the ground drive speed, allowing the drill to move to various job sites more efficiently. The drill operates at up to 188 feet per minute, with a rotational speed of 190 rpm. An onboard pump delivers drilling fluid at 15 gpm at 750 psi. Its common control platform allows users to operate a variety of drills, and limits the time needed for training. 888/837-6337; www.vermeer.com.

Excavation Equipment

Heavy-duty excavator

The DX225LC-3 excavator from Doosan features a 167 hp engine paired with power modes that provide performance and fast workgroup speeds for heavy-duty work. Its four work modes, including digging, breaker, shear and lifting, allow maximum efficiency and fuel economy. An electronic clutch fan reduces fuel consumption and noise levels, while providing cooling system improvements. 770/831-2200; www.doosanequipment.com.


TMX mini-excavators from Innovative Equipment feature a quick-hitch system that can be hooked behind a standard 1/2-ton pickup, van or light-duty tow vehicle. They eliminate tracks by utilizing zero-turn technology for access to tight locations and lawns. Weighing only 2,941 pounds, they feature an 8-foot digging depth and 6,600-pound digging force. The unit features a 7-foot-2-inch loading height with a swing radius of 140 degrees, allowing access next to walls and other obstructions. An auxiliary hydraulic tool circuit has the ability to power hydraulic tools including jackhammers, pumps and saws. 888/359-3002; www.iequipt.com.

Mid-frame skid-steer loader

E-Series skid-steer loaders from John Deere include auxiliary lines that are integrated through the boom for improved visibility and added protection, and a cab aimed at improving operator and machine productivity, uptime and lower daily operating costs. They have traditional hand and foot controls, hand-only controls, or low-effort, electrohydraulic (EH) joystick controls in both the ISO and “H” patterns. They also have an option that allows the operator to switch between all three patterns. They include connect-under-pressure auxiliary hydraulic couplers and courtesy lighting that stays on up to 90 seconds after the engine is shut down. Options include a keyless-start sealed switch with an antitheft system and ride control with shock-absorbing boom cylinders that cushion bumps, helping retain full bucket loads. 800/503-3373; www.johndeere.com.

Short-swing compact excavator

The ECR58D short-swing compact excavator from Volvo Construction Equipment has automatic two-speed travel and hydraulic travel pedals. With a narrow body design and centrally positioned boom, its rear swings within its track shoe, allowing operators to work extremely close to other objects without risk of collision. It has a reinforced, three-piece, high-tensile steel X-shaped frame undercarriage. It is available with a mono-boom, several arm configurations and a blade, and offers a variety of optional quick couplers. It is fitted with a four-cylinder engine that produces 50 hp, and features an exhaust-after-treatment system (EATS) for lower emissions and seamless operation. 828/650-2000; www.volvo.com.


Multipurpose hydroexcavator

The HV56 hydroexcavator from GapVax is a multipurpose unit ideal for virtually any wet/dry vacuum project. It has a 15-cubic-yard debris body and water tank options from 350 to 1,200 gallons. Features include a positive displacement vacuum pump rated at 3,500 cfm with 28 inches Hg. The design prolongs the life of the filter bags and eliminates the threat of material entering the vacuum pump. Options include a cold-weather recirculation package, sludge pump, auger unloading system, body pressurization system, remote pendants and wireless remotes, high rail package, washdown system, stainless steel body and a high-dump option. 888/442-7829; www.gapvax.com.

Versatile hydroexcavator

X-10 and X-15 hydroexcavator models from Hi-Vac Corporation virtually eliminate the risk of underground utility strikes. These versatile trucks are capable of hydroexcavation along with vacuum excavation, potholing, daylighting and more. The easy operation and simple maintenance required on the X-10/15 provides for maximum efficiency on the job. They feature a state-of-the-art water pump and vacuum technology that combine to create ideal vacuum excavation power. 740/374-2306; www.x-vac.com.

All-weather hydroexcavator

The HX-12 hydroexcavator from Ramvac features an all-weather environmental enclosure that keeps its entire water system protected from the elements. It also can get into locations other trucks can’t with an overall length just over 36 feet. It is equipped with a fuel-saving 4,400 cfm and efficient hydrostatic drive. Units offer seven different blower options. 800/323-1604; www.ram-vac.com.

Hydroexcavating tool

The Soil Surgeon hydroexcavating tool from The Soil Surgeon Inc. is designed to fit any sewer combination truck equipped with a telescopic 6- or 8-inch boom. The tool has a 1-inch water connection. The operator controls water pressure and power with truck controls. It has a 6-foot Tuff Tube with handles fabricated to the tube to guide the unit down for potholing or side to side for trenching. Six jets boring inward cut the soil, while six boring outward bring the tube down. 949/363-1401; www.soilsurgeoninc.com.

Cold-weather hydroexcavator

The Mud Dog 1600 cold-weather hydroexcavator from Super Products has a 16-cubic-yard debris body, standard 1,500-gallon water capacity and a rear-mounted boom with 335-degree rotation, 27-foot reach and upward/downward pivot that enables greater work-area access and deeper digging without the need to halt production to reposition the truck. It can deliver up to 18 gpm of flow and 3,000 psi of pressure, while its 8-inch positive displacement vacuum system provides airflow up to 5,800 cfm and 28 inches of vacuum to ensure the removal of a wide variety of materials. It can raise and tilt its collector body to enable unloading into a disposal area that is barriered or bermed, as well as clear all liquids in the collector body quickly and efficiently. 800/837-9711; www.muddogeasy.com.

Mud sweep hydroexcavator

The F4 Slope hydroexcavator from Tornado Hydrovacs holds 13 cubic yards of mud and more than 2,100 gallons of freshwater in separate tanks, a water pump, a boiler to heat the water, and a 3,600 to 6,300 cfm positive displacement vacuum blower to pull the spoils to the tank via a boom. The boom has a 342-degree rotation and a 26-foot reach. All of the critical components are housed in an insulated and heated aluminum van body. The mud sweep enables operators to empty the tank without having to hoist it, eliminating the dangers of dumping on uneven ground and around overhead power lines. 877/340-8141; www.tornadotrucks.com.

Hydrostatic drive hydroexcavator

The X-Cavator from Vac-Con has a hydrostatic drive that uses the chassis engine for the vacuum, eliminating the need for PTO, clutch and gearbox operation. It comes with water systems up to 4,000 psi. An optional wireless remote control system enables the operator to work the chassis engine rpm, boom, automatic vacuum breaker, dump controls and hydraulic door locks from remote areas up to 1/2 mile away. The boom rotates up to 270 degrees. 888/491-5762; www.vac-con.com.

High-dump hydroexcavator

The AllExcavate hydroexcavator from Vacall has an optional high-dump that allows the operator to use a wireless remote control to raise the debris tank as much as 76 inches above ground level, then shift the tank horizontally 21 inches beyond the rear bumper. It can dump debris into roll-off containers, typically with an edge that’s 60 inches above ground level. An optional slanting splash shield can also help avoid spills. It uses one engine for mobility and to generate water flow at 10 to 25 gpm and pressures up to 3,000 psi. Used in combination with strong vacuum forces, it can loosen and then remove dirt, rocks and other material from around utility lines and foundations. Standard and optional debris bodies and water tanks are available, and the AllSmartFlow CANbus intelligent control system is standard, monitoring water usage and minimizing downtime for water tank refills. 800/382-8302; www.vacallindustries.com.

Full-sized hydroexcavator

The HXX Hydro-Excavator from Vactor Manufacturing can be used for potholing, waterline repair, slot trenching, directional drilling, sign and pole installation, pipe and line repair and installation, and other large-volume excavation. It provides up to seven hours of continuous operation with the onboard water. It has a 12-cubic-yard debris body fabricated from corrosion- and abrasion-resistant steel, a 1,200-gallon high-density polyethylene (HDPE) water tank, and a top-mounted 7-foot hydraulic extendable boom that provides 320-degree rotation. Heated pump cabinets and a built-in boiler allow it to work on frozen ground in subzero temperatures. It is available in positive displacement and fan configurations. 800/627-3171; www.vactor.com.

Hydro/vac unit

The POWERVAC hydro/vac unit from Vacuum Sales Inc. can be used in wet or dry environments for hazardous and nonhazardous applications. It is available in either stainless steel or carbon steel construction (ASME DOT 407 – 412 certified), and has positive displacement high vacuum blowers, a capacity up to 4,600 cfm, vacuum up to 28.5 inches (95 percent) continuous, and pressure unloading with a rotary vane vacuum/pressure pump. It also has high-capacity intake and exhaust silencers, filtration and vacuum lines. It is designed for continuous operation at maximum vacuum, with five bearings for belt or direct drive, oil-lubricated bearings and gears, oil-free air discharge and air-injection cooling, and requires no relief valve. A full range of rotary vane pumps is available with pressures up to 35 psi. 800/547-7790; www.vacuumsalesinc.com.

Directional boring hydroexcavator

The Cusco Hydro-Trencher Excavator from Wastequip is designed for directional boring and removing liquids, sludge, slurries, mud, gravel and other solid waste materials. It’s ideal for excavating around fragile oil and gas pipelines, installing fiber optic cables, repairing utility lines or excavating in remote areas with limited access. It has dual 500 USG stainless steel vertical water tanks that separate water storage, maximizing weight distribution and providing corrosion resistance and safer dumping. Features include cyclonic filtration technology with vacuum system airflow ratings of 5,300 cfm that generate 28 inches Hg of vacuum, an 18 gpm, 3,000 psi wash pump, and high-pressure waterjetting. 800/490-3541; www.wastequip-cusco.com.

Underground Piercing Tools

Portable piercing tool

The BigShot underground pneumatic piercing tool from Footage Tools Inc. can be run with a small portable air compressor that delivers up to 75 cfm and 110 psi. New service lines can be pulled in behind it during the bore, or by reversing the tool with the service line attached to the nose pin. It can bore holes from 2 up to 5.5 inches to allow contractors to install a variety of pipe up to 4 inches in diameter. This method results in time and cost savings, along with reduced disruption to property. 888/737-3668; www.footagetools.com.


Slide rail system

The Slide Rail Shoring System from American Shoring can be used in a number of configurations, including for bore pits under roadways, streams or other obstacles. The sheeting system can be used at depths up to 30 feet, and is installed with an excavator with no need for special equipment. The system can also be equipped with a doghouse panel to accommodate the casing pipe. 800/407-4674; www.americanshoring.com.

Lightweight shoring system

The SmartShore shoring system from Pronal-USA Inc. is PE certified to be in compliance with OSHA Standard 29 CFR part 1926, subpart P. It is approved for type A, B and C60 soils at depths up to 6.5 feet. It is made of puncture-resistant material and is easy to handle at 28 pounds. Its design allows two people to set up a trench box in under 10 minutes. It requires minimum storage space, and is flexible and adaptable to most types of excavations. 386/310-1558; www.pronal-usa.com.

Pneumatic shoring

Air-driven telescoping pneumatic shoring from Prospan Manufacturing Co. is designed to meet the OSHA excavation standard 29CFR 1926.650 that governs the safety of workers in trenches. It delivers compressive forces to the trench wall, preventing collapse. Made of anodized aluminum and stainless steel, it is available in four sizes spanning 21.5 to 105 inches and weighing 15 to 32 pounds. A variety of extensions and end attachments enable the end user to shore practically anything encountered. 888/413-8100; www.prospanshoring.com.

Corrugated aluminum trench shield

Trench Shoring Systems ultraSHORE trench shields from Safety Corporation of America are made of a specially corrugated aluminum. All panels can be used horizontally or vertically and are stackable. Workers can close off one or both ends with quick-release, spring-loaded end closure panels. One person can lower a single pair of assembled panels into an excavation. They transport in a pickup truck, and are safe for bury depths to 12 feet, even in class C soils. Extra features like leg or wheel kits let contractors take advantage of OSHA regulations. 800/746-7464; www.shoring.com.


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