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Cleaner Rewind: Company Evolves To Succeed

Ten years ago, Cleaner profiled Advanced Pollution Control Corporation of Bridgewater, Mass. In this follow-up interview, find out how the company faired in the past decade and learn how a flexible business plan meant expansion and growth for the New England company. www.cleaner.com/featured

Insider Knowledge: 5 Pipeline Inspection Tricks

Little nuances and tricks come with time spent on the job. How do you navigate intruding laterals? What’s the trick to opening a manhole cover that’s buried under a layer of asphalt? Find out what industry veteran Jim Aanderud has learned over the years, and perhaps share a secret or two of your own. www.cleaner.com/featured

Overheard Online

One do-it-all environmental solutions professional I met offered some great advice: Look for employees at the Pumper & Cleaner Expo. Young technicians and industry veterans who attend the show are looking to move up in the industry. You just have to find them.

Get Proactive When It’s Time to Hire. www.cleaner.com/featured

Danger Zone: Accident-Free Vacuum Excavation

You’re working in a heavy-traffic area and attracting some bystander attention. Sure, your hydroexcavator is relatively safe, but have you accounted for pedestrian traffic? Have you thoroughly planned your traffic control? Have you considered rocky soil conditions? Learn which precautions you should take at each job site and how you can keep your site a danger-free zone. www.cleaner.com/featured


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