Another Great Show

From new technology to new friends, the Expo was well worth the trip.

The 2014 Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo is in the books. It was another great week in Indy, and it was great to get to talk to so many people from across the industry. And it’s always nice to get a close-up look at the newest equipment and technology.

There were so many new products, many launched right at the Expo, from cutting-edge jetter trucks to redesigned pumps and inspection camera systems. It was truly a glimpse into the future of this industry and the potential of your business, and it was all there on display.

Beyond the technology, the greatest part of the Expo for me is always meeting and talking to you. I speak with many of you from my desk in Northern Wisconsin, but the opportunity to meet face to face, to speak with you directly and hear your stories in person really brings everything together. It’s great to hear how the work we’re doing at Cleaner is making an impact on your work. That’s the goal, and it’s also the greatest reward.

At the 2014 Expo, I met Steve Mahoney, a contractor from Missouri whose father started out in the business in the ‘50s. He’s been around the industry his whole life, owns his own company, and his wife even started an offshoot parts supply company. Mahoney, his father and three of his brothers all have their own service companies in the greater St. Louis area. Sewer and drain work has been the lifeblood of this family, and he says most of the sewer and drain cleaners in the area have worked for him at one time or another.

I spoke with another contractor, Chris Mihaletos, who is a native of South Africa but now calls Phoenix home. His company provides cleaning, hydroexcavation and a host of other services, and after more than a decade in business, the company now has a staff of 150 and several locations across the West. The company is tackling some interesting jobs, including the largest crossbore inspection project in the country.

And there were many others. The Iowa drain cleaner whose brother owns a companion pumping business. The Georgia woman who has built a substantial cleaning, inspection and rehabilitation business.

There are so many stories to be told, and it’s an honor to convey them to you. You can look forward to seeing some of them in the pages of Cleaner as we move forward.

And while we’re looking ahead, take note that next year the Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo International will become WWETT – the Water and Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport show. We understand that like the industry, this show has evolved to encompass far more than septic pumping and drain cleaning. The industry and profession has surpassed what many could have ever imagined way back in 1979, when Pumper was first delivered to mailboxes across a few Midwestern states.

The new name better reflects the industry and this show. It’s a more accurate snapshot of what we have become and where we are heading. It’s a show for an entire industry of hardworking people who maintain the flow in our sewer and water infrastructure, properly treat and dispose of wastewater, and keep drinking water safe and our environment healthy.

COLE Publishing has always used the annual Expo to show our appreciation for the work you do, day in and day out. That won’t change. Though often overlooked by others, we understand that what you do is vital to the individuals and communities you serve.

If you couldn’t make it to Indy, start planning now so you can be there next year. It’s the best thing you can do for your business.


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