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Field and Office Technology
Online Web Access

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Online Web Access

With TAC Online Web Access from Clear Computing, customers and company staff can access selected company information online. The program offers access from a Web browser on any device, anywhere, to view, edit or add selected information. On, sales staff can edit and add notes and work orders. With, drivers can see route and work order information and can update status. On, drivers can see stops, units, quantities, etc., for service routes, including status updates and customer service completions. On, customers can view work orders and service history, scheduled service, balances and payments. With, company staff can look up information on customers, locations, scheduled service, work orders, invoices and payments. 888/332-5327;

Asset Inspection Software

GraniteNet from CUES is asset inspection and decision support software built with the GIS and asset scoring features found in the company's flagship Granite XP software. It gives users the ability to aggregate multiple types of inspections conducted at different times into one view for each asset so that a historical collection of data can be analyzed – as a chronology – to measure an asset's declining state and more accurately determine its repair/replacement schedule. The software will embrace cloud computing to drive customer efficiency and lower costs with self-service automation. The software also gives users the ability to schedule and assign work to specific people/departments, and track the progress. Field personnel can easily navigate to an asset within a GIS map, complete their inspection and click the map icon to present driving directions via Google Maps to guide the inspector to the next inspection location. 800/327-7791;

Dispatch System

The cloud-based JaRay Dispatching System from Famhost Apps supports Windows, Apple, Android and mobile operating systems. When a customer calls, the call is displayed and a recording of the call is automatically attached to the customer record. The caller ID and the number dialed are tracked to get the number of calls by number dialed, and the revenue that each number generates. The customer record is automatically displayed to see warranty issues, contracts or billing issues before a job is scheduled. The system integrates with GPS to see the closest truck to the job and send the job information to the driver's Garmin. 866/845-0571;

Fleet Management Software

Manageit from Ituran USA is designed for fleet management and dispatchers, and contains instant and accurate GPS fleet tracking, personalized reporting, recovery services, geofencing technology, real-time notifications via email/SMS, landmark report, Driver ID capabilities, and PTO alerts, along with other features. The software provides customers with 24/7/365 live recovery assistance for emergency and technical support. 866/543-5433;

Managed SCADA System

The complete monitoring and controls Managed SCADA System from Mission Communications allows municipalities to manage, operate and maintain collection systems. Real-time alarms are delivered by a combination of voice phone calls, text messages, emails, faxes and pagers, and each alarm is logged on the Web portal. Because the system is Web-based, enhancements and new features are available at no extra cost. Users can compare pump station flow with local rainfall, analyze pump runtimes for anomalies, or track site access with reports tailored to the water and wastewater industry. Reports assist with preventing noncompliant events from occurring, and the portal can be accessed from any Web-enabled device. The price stability guarantee establishes a predictable cost of ownership. 877/993-1911;

Waste Management Software

Designed with best practices in mind, Waste Management Software from Operasoft is an online solution to run every aspect of waste management operations. The software requires no onsite installation and handles all types of service requests, real-time dispatching, GPS tracking, supplier/contract management, invoicing and more. The new Android terminal (optional onboard touch screen) displays job lists for the drivers/operators along with comments/instructions that pop up per location. The dispatcher can track progress in real-time and can easily view work completion on open/closed service calls on Google Earth. The system is modular, and users can import every available serviceable entity from various databases (including GPS coordinates) and track all maintenance that is due, has been performed and still pending. Preventive fleet maintenance can be managed by creating and tracking vehicle repair work orders; end of day vehicle inspections are entered on the Android terminal before the driver parks and exits their service vehicle, automatically creating new repair work orders for the garage as needed. 888/986-7372;

GIS Infrastructure Management Software

The WinCan GIS module for WinCan v8 from Pipeline Analytics enables users to manage water, stormwater and sewer infrastructure using GIS data. A user can click-and-drag or query a map to create entire WinCan projects with prepopulated section data, automatically create linked map elements from observations, dispatch inspection and rehab crews with unprecedented ease, and augment GIS data with greater infrastructure detail. Users can filter, report, browse media, track progress and create work orders through an intuitive map interface. They can also plot observations into a GIS as point features, with links to video and photos. The software also highlights any disparities between a GIS and WinCan data so they can be corrected. The program includes tools that allow users to generate reports, export data, utilize observation data to create pipe-specific repair strategies, and create subsets of data for pipes to be inspected. 877/626-8386;

Scheduling Program

With SAFE Software, technicians with basic computer skills can enter, organize, route and schedule pumping and service for customers. Other features include invoicing, work orders, contracts, inspections, vehicle maintenance, expense tracking, customer inventory, rental tracking and alarm monitoring. Users can email documents (invoices, contracts, work orders, etc.) using Outlook or Windows Live Mail and their current email account. They can also create an online map of customers by importing them into a mapping site. The map can be saved and viewed from a smartphone or laptop with Internet access. Reminders and follow-up emails can be sent to customers, along with a personalized message. 800/604-7351;

Service management software

Service management software from ServiceTitan helps businesses generate leads, book appointments and close sales. In addition to scheduling and dispatch features, the software measures the success of marketing campaigns and customer service representatives. Business owners can review unbooked calls and recordings to identify missed revenue opportunities and retrain CSRs to improve performance and prevent future losses. Canceled or unsold opportunities can also be reviewed. The cloud-based software is accessible from any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, phone) and does not require download, installation or remote desktop. Each 30-day free trial includes training and best practices consulting. 888/966-9493;

Barcode Scanning Software

Barcode Scanning Software from StreetEagle GPS provides fleet owners and operators the ability to manage assets and equipment in the field. By integrating with wireless barcode scanners from Motorola, the software transmits all scanned information in real time. The vehicle operator quickly scans the barcode on each asset when servicing, delivering or picking up. Managers then track assets in the field, with each scan providing location, date/time and service verification. The software provides visibility into the actual location of each vehicle/asset and the ability to track pickup, delivery and servicing of mobile assets. Managers can verify that all assigned assets were serviced on the most optimized route for fuel and time savings. Automated and printable reports will ensure customer proof of service and inventory management to schedule deliveries, prevent loss and allocate resources. 301/866-1990;


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