Rotating jet lance

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Intelligent feedback

The AV4040-13H industrial pressure washer from Water Cannon has intelligent features that automatically sense engine oil level, discern pump temperature, filter incoming water, release static backpressure, lower pump rpm and more. The frame, pump and engine are for durability in rental and continual applications.

The lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum frame reduces vibration and dissipates excess heat. The Annovi Reverberi pump is a triplex ceramic plunger type RKA series. The 13 hp Honda GX 390 engine offers high torque. 800/333-9274;


UHP with high horsepower

The 605 Series waterjet pumps from NLB Corp. combine ultrahigh pressure and high horsepower in a unit that can be converted to a variety of operating pressures. The range includes eight operating pressures from 4,000 psi to 40,000 psi, with engines up to 600 hp. Diesel and electric models are available. The series offers flows as low as 20 gpm. Units can be converted from one pressure to another in about 20 minutes and are easy to maintain. 248/624-5555;


Flexible blasting unit

The X-Series mobile waterblast unit from Jetstream of Houston is designed for flexibility and efficiency. A greaseless spread bearing PTO provides reliable power transmission and reduced maintenance. An integrated filter and water tank system extends component life and increases operating time, and a strong, lightweight frame provides high towing performance. The X-Series is built around the UNx fluid system, designed for fast conversion between 5,000 and 40,000 psi with input power from 150 to 325 hp. It is available as a skid or trailer unit. 800/231-8192;


High-pressure accessories

Valves, fittings and tubing from High Pressure Equipment Co. are designed for waterblasting systems. With 316 high-tensile stainless steel, the components are available in several pressure classes with ratings through 60,000 psi. Medium- and high-pressure components use a compact coned-and-threaded connection, allowing for larger bore sizes and increased flow rates. Valves are available in 1/4-, 3/8-, 9/16-, 3/4- and 1-inch-outside-diameter tubing sizes and in five patterns for a wide range of requirements. Taper Seal valves with a compression-type connection are available for pressures to 15,000 psi. 814/838-2028;


High-efficiency hose

Maximus hose from SPIR STAR is a high-efficiency ultrahigh-pressure hose that works at pressures up to 46,000 psi. With a 1/4-inch inner diameter, it decreases pressure drop. The hose increases operating pressure at the nozzle for improved cleaning efficiency and reduces backpressure for less pump wear and fatigue. A full line of high-flow adapters give users more pump performance, improving flow rates and enabling efficient cleaning. 800/890-7827;


Low-effort blasting guns

New blasting guns from Hammelmann Corp. have a simple lever mechanism that allows the operator to use the gun without strain and bodily stress, enabling longer, more concentrated working periods. The company says it takes 80 percent less effort to operate and hold the trigger than on conventional guns. This can help reduce valve component wear, since the operator cannot float the trigger when the lever is in the closed position. The lever also acts as a locking safety when the trigger is released. Ergonomically formed grip extensions in various designs can be easily attached for new support positioning. 800/783-4935;


Drive flexibility

New compact, high-performance pressure-cleaning pumps from Cat Pumps are rated at 5.5 gpm/3,500 psi. Model 5CP5140 has a dual extended shaft for pulley drive from either side of the pump using either gasoline engine or electric motor. Model 5CP5410G1 is fitted with a gearbox for mounting directly onto any standard 1-inch-shaft gasoline engine. Model 5CP5140 also couples to a hydraulic motor to run from a truck hydraulic system. These models offer drive flexibility in a compact, lightweight footprint.

Model 5CP5140J and 5CP5140G1J pumps include the MAG-JET jetting valve, providing added agitation for pipe cleaning. These high-pressure plunger pumps have solid ceramic plungers and special-blend seals for long seal life and a forged brass eight-screw head for strength under high pressure. The helical gear on the gearbox model provides secure engine alignment for continuous-duty operation. 763/780-5440;


Hose assembly

The 1/2-inch Goldenblast Plus waterblast hose assembly from PowerTrack International is compact, lightweight, and flexible, constructed for extreme high-pressure waterblasting applications. The hose is designed with a working pressure of 15,950 psi, a burst pressure of 39,870 psi, and a cover 80 percent more abrasion resistant than standard waterblast hose. The operating temperature range is -40 to 200 degrees F. The assemblies are designed to the worldwide standard pressure safety factor of 2.5 to 1. Other sizes are available upon request. 800/365-1577;


Engine for

pressure washers

The EA190V air-cooled engine with vertical shaft configuration from Subaru offers chain-driven overhead cam (OHC) technology. The 189cc displacement engine is designed for a variety of equipment including pressure washers. It is designed for easy starts, quiet operation, and more power. A highly efficient hemispherical combustion chamber combines with OHC technology to optimize performance. It uses a high compression ratio to produce high power and torque. 847/540-7300;


Rotating jet lance

The Rotary Waterjet gun from All Jetting Technologies operates at 4,800 rpm and up to 45,000 psi for surface preparation. The pneumatic air drill’s high rotary speed quickly and effectively cleans surfaces while reducing hazardous byproducts. The handheld lance weighs 10.5 pounds and has an adjustable front safety trigger, long-life seal, and no midstem bushing. The lance can be customized to with a 22- to 36-inch barrel. High-pressure sapphire nozzles heat-treated and laser-etched with the sapphire size are available. 772/286-1218;


Electric pressure washers

Electric-powered, direct-driven cold pressure washers from Steam Jenny have high-efficiency motors and can operate in enclosed areas where gasoline-powered machines cannot be used. They are powered by Marathon or Baldor motors, range from 1.5 to 10 hp, and are available with single-phase GFCI or three-phase power requirements. All have industrial-grade triplex ceramic plunger pumps. Units are available with pressures from 1,000 to 4,000 psi and flows from 1.5 to 4.8 gpm. A customizable option lets users choose pressure and flow ratings based on specific needs. 814/445-3400;


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