Pre-Built CCTV Inspection Trucks Available for Quick Delivery

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Pre-Built CCTV Inspection Trucks Available for Quick Delivery

Does this sound like you:

  • Did your current contract expand, requiring you to expand your resources quickly?
  • Were you awarded a contract that starts in short order and you need an inspection vehicle now?
  • Do you have additional funds at the end of the calendar year and want to reinvest in your CCTV fleet?
  • Does the city want to start a new inspection program or increase inspection capability now?
  • Does the city have budget money available and need a new pipeline inspection vehicle before the end of the fiscal year?

CUES has pre-built TV LAMP and TV-only trucks available for quick delivery. Contact your CUES regional sales manager to discuss availability and options. Pre-built inventory will be updated on the CUES website on a biweekly basis, so check back often and/or reach out to your CUES RSM to get your order processed. From start to finish, most pre-built vehicles can be delivered within 1 to 1 1/2 weeks from purchase order.

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