Grouting Made Easy with Custom Truck-Mounted Systems

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Grouting Made Easy with Custom Truck-Mounted Systems

CUES offers a full line of portable and truck-mounted grout rehabilitation systems. Truck-mounted grout rehabilitation systems are available for mainline joint sealing and lateral sealing and can be equipped with the latest CCTV equipment for television inspection. Applications include joint testing and sealing of mainline and lateral joints, manholes, junction boxes, large diameter pipes, or any other low-pressure waterproofing application. All systems can be configured to run urethane, acrylimide and acrylate grouts.

With the new CUES Easy Grout graphical user interface, you can operate the grout system from wherever you like because the grout panel is now a computer interface. The computerized grout control system is designed to consolidate all the valves, electrical controls, etc., into an instrumentation cabinet that can be mounted in any location. The Easy Grout system and user interface includes help files and tool tip descriptions to assist new users and refresh users who have been away from operating for some time. Automated entry logic provides recommended settings for the grouting process automatically based on the basic inputs of pipe size, depth, etc. Because the grout panel is now a computer user interface, it is no longer physically tied to the grout process equipment and can be located virtually anywhere a computer connection, wired or wireless, can be made.

CUES also offers the most advanced line of joint sealing packers for large-sized sewers: the CUES compact/collapsible packer. These packers can be quickly disassembled to provide easy insertion into the manhole. Save time, labor and money over conventional style packers. CUES packers are rugged, but lightweight for easy handling. The packers compact design, along with the collapsible feature, means any of the CUES large-sized packers can be inserted through a minimum 21-inch standard manufactured manhole without having to remove the ring or cone. The savings in time, labor and money are significant over conventional style packers. 

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