Labor-Intensive Project Turns Into One Day’s Work Thanks to CIPP Technology

A thick concrete floor in a former slaughterhouse provides an ideal situation for a pipe lining company to display its skills


In this video, CME Pipe Lining of Cincinnati shows the type of job that trenchless technologies are meant for: situations where doing a pipe replacement with full-on excavation would be excessively difficult if not impossible.

“The reason we’re lining instead of excavating is this was originally a slaughterhouse and the floors were built as one layer of concrete 5 inches thick, a layer of insulation and then another layer of concrete. So to excavate this entire floor would be a monumental task,” explains Chuck Menkhaus, owner of CME Pipe Lining.

But with the company’s CIPP lining — it uses equipment from Perma-Liner Industries — rehabilitating 100 feet of pipe took a single 8-hour workday.

Watch the CME Pipe Lining crew at work, then check out the profile of the company published earlier this year in the magazine.


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