Purpose-Built with the Contractor in Mind: Genesis Combo Recycler

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The GENESIS combo truck recycler is the result of decades of experience, leading to the optimization of technology — allowing water to be saved, separated and reused. Utilizing an exclusive, simple, passive separation approach, this truck separates the water from the sludge by means of sedimentation using gravity.

The U.S. industry’s solution to water recycling has been to modify existing sewer cleaning products by adding a bolt-on recycling component. While effective when cleaning sanitary lines, the moment grease or thick sediment is introduced the effectiveness of its mechanical filtration decreases significantly. Not only does it decrease, but in many cases the filters become clogged and nonfunctional. Cappellotto by Sewer Equipment has taken a different approach, providing customers with a purpose-built, application-specific machine that recycles water to clean sewers, regardless of the condition of the effluent being introduced into the system. Due to its simple, passive separation, the GENESIS keeps grease and heavy sediment separated from the refined water while cleaning more efficiently with less downtime, saving not only time, but money. The GENESIS from Cappellotto by Sewer Equipment is the simple answer to your sewer cleaning application needs. 

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