The Eagle 200-DWR Mid-Size Trailer Jetter Series Is in a Class by Itself

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The Eagle 200 DWR mid-size trailer jetter series by Jetters Northwest is in a class by itself. If you want a reliable, low-cost, trailer-mounted jetter with features found only in equipment twice the price and size, you have come to the right place.

Jetters Northwest packed this jetter with quality features designed to make it easy to use, reliable and easy to tow, with the jetting power to get the job done. Here's the features list:

  • Two gpm/psi specs to choose from: 10 gpm/4,000 psi (model Eagle 200/4010-DWR) with 3/8-inch I.D. hose and 12 gpm/3,000 psi (model Eagle 200/3012-DWR) with 1/2-inch I.D. hose
  • Wireless remote control for jetting on/off, engine on/throttle/off, reel-wind
  • New hooded engine and pump enclosure
  • Fuel-injected engines; Kawasaki liquid-cooled 31 hp (824cc)
  • Industrial-duty trailer has brakes for safety, a lifetime framework warranty and an A-frame tongue (can be towed when full of water)
  • Flat-top fenders for additional mounting surface
  • Aluminum wheels top off a sharp appearance
  • Super-duty triplex UDOR pump
  • 400 feet of jetting hose (3/8-inch on 4010 models, 1/2-inch on 3012 models)
  • Power-wind hose reel (12-volt) with adjustable-speed controller
  • Pivoting hose guide on the reel for smoother hose windup
  • 200-gallon water tank (hence the name Eagle-200)
  • Huge tool-storage bin under the reels, with lockable drop-down doors
  • 100 feet of 3/4-inch water-supply hose on second reel
  • Safety beacon light on DWR models
  • Adjustable pulsation control, panel-mounted near the reels
  • Four jetting nozzles included

Options include:

  • Antifreeze winterization system
  • Portable/indoor hoses/reels and mini-hoses/nozzles
  • Warthog, Reaper, and other specialty jetting nozzles
  • Fender-mounted toolboxes (one or two)
  • Hot-water
  • Power-washing accessories

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