Are You Doing All You Can With Your Trade Show Knowledge and Contacts?

With another WWETT Show recently in the books, a longtime attendee reflects on the process of transferring lessons learned and new contacts made at the show to the real world and your business operations

Are You Doing All You Can With Your Trade Show Knowledge and Contacts?

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After a trip to the Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport (WWETT) Show, what do you do?

You saw the trucks, the machines and all the new equipment. You saw a new face, heard new stories and met a lot of new people. You got a lot of new ideas — ways of becoming a million-dollar company, ways of improved communication and ways to make things a lot better for your business. Do you leave it all at the show, or do you bring it back to your business and put it into action?

Another WWETT Show recently came to an end. For many of us, the lights, the soft carpet and all of the newness wears off immediately when we return home. But it shouldn’t. It’s important to retain everything we learned. And everybody we met — people who told us to get in contact with them so we could better ourselves, our businesses and our employees — we have to stay in touch with those people.

I think a lot of times we find everything we need when we come to the WWETT Show, or as I still call it, the Cleaner Show. But after we get on the plane or the train or the car and head back, something is lost. The connection — a go-get-it hunger — dissipates, and it’s right back to the same old, same old.

Well I'm here to say if you go to the show, you should remember that every year you go to get better. I say to everybody who attended the WWETT Show this year: Now go do something with that knowledge. Do something with it to make a change. Become No. 1 in your service area. And as always, believe. Because anything’s possible if you put in the work and stay consistent.

About the Author

Michael Williams is a high-energy, highly motivated drain cleaner and businessman. He is the owner of Just Drains LLC in Philadelphia, providing drain cleaning and plumbing services in the tri-state area. Williams welcomes calls from others in the industry. If you have questions for him or topic suggestions for a future column, he can be reached at 215-879-8459. 


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