The Business Revenue Power of a Strong Online Presence

Utilizing the internet as part of your marketing practices is a no-brainer these days, but as Mississippi’s Lining & Coating Solutions can attest, it’s best not to be lackluster about it, but instead make a serious investment

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Investing properly in a solid online presence can produce big dividends. Lining & Coating Solutions, headquartered in Olive Branch, Mississippi, should know. The company attributes 40% of its ongoing and new business directly to website inquiries and social media networking.

“The internet is the place now as far as marketing is concerned, getting leads and being seen,” says Steve Palmer, general manager. “The phone books aren’t around anymore. If you want to be seen, you’re on Google and social media.”

Many startup firms or those who aren’t savvy in the world of online marketing often enlist the help of a college student or family member to try their hand at setting up the company website to save money. Although it technically creates an online presence, in today’s market, having the right presence or wrong presence can impact the bottom line dramatically. 

Steve Palmer
Steve Palmer

Palmer says that he knew this firsthand from seeing others take that route and made sure LCS would not fall into that trap. The firm invested approximately $8,000 to get its initial core website developed and continues to invest between $2,500 to $3,500 per month in ongoing online marketing, content development and site maintenance. 

LinkedIn has also been a strong support mechanism and lead-generation tool for Palmer. He regularly receives messages from experienced installers and technicians interested in working with the firm. LCS recently utilized the platform for recruiting management training candidates and almost immediately upon posting a recruitment notice, it received messages from some very qualified candidates. Palmer also uses LinkedIn to find helpful resources, information, and suppliers and to interact with potential clients and referral partners.

“It’s about building relationships — education based, not hard sell — and that’s why it works,” he says. “Our posts about our tough jobs generate inquiries with other contractors asking if we’d be willing to come out to their project sites and help them through things. It’s opening up opportunities we would never have had otherwise.”

Read more about LCS in the September 2019 issue of Cleaner magazine.


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