Video: Meet Mr. Rooter — The Cat

Kitten trapped in a drain pipe for 10 days gets a new name after plumbers make a dramatic rescue
Video: Meet Mr. Rooter — The Cat

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Plumbers in Austintown, Ohio, rescued a kitten trapped in a drainline last month. The 6-month-old kitten had been missing for 10 days when family members heard a noise in the basement.

The cat had crawled into a sump pump and became trapped in a footer drain.

Christopher Graham, an employee of Mr. Rooter in Youngstown, and his co-worker, Joe Kijowski, used an inspection camera to search for the pet, breaking apart the basement floor as they went.

“Once we got the pipe exposed, we cut the pipe open,” Graham told WKBN 27 in Youngstown. “We kept working back by 10-inch increments and finally got at the cat’s tail ... He backed straight out.”

Kijowski told the family there would be no charge for the service.

The female kitten now goes by the name Mr. Rooter.

Check out the video from WKBN:


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