Inside the December 2013 Issue of Cleaner

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Merchants of Clean Merchants of Clean
Environmental issues take priority for Ohio-based operation drawing on many years’ experience dealing with industrial facilities.
2013 Nozzle Company Directory Industry News - December 2013 Industry News - December 2013 Hydroexcavator loads, off-loads debris in same location Hydroexcavator loads, off-loads debris in same location Chemical and Mechanical Root Control Chemical and Mechanical Root Control
Chemical control can be an effective remedy for root blockages in sewer lines, but mechanical removal through the use of cutters, nozzles, cable machines and jetters is often needed for advanced problems and severe blockages. Manufacturers offer a wide variety of tools for cutting and cleaning out problem roots. Here are some of the latest offerings.
Product News - December 2013 Product News - December 2013 Making it Easy Making it Easy
Aries cameras help Ohio contractor increase productivity, eliminate downtime and deliver fast results for customers.
New Lines New Lines
HammerHead’s composite inversion drums make North American debut at Expo.
Call Before You Dig
Taking the proper precautions before any excavation work will protect underground utilities and your crew.
Prepare for the Tax Man
There are some important changes to understand when it comes time to pay Uncle Sam for the year just ending.
Tell Your Story
Don’t let bidding be a matter of cold data and the bottom line, because it’s more than numbers.
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Sad News in Chi-Town
Death casts a light on the need for vigilance in all things safety-related.
Time Well Spent Time Well Spent
Take these nuggets of advice from a Pumper & Cleaner Expo veteran to help you get the most out of your trip to Indy.
Deep South Techie Deep South Techie
Contractor thrives on pushing the limits and taking risks to establish new service markets.
Going Trenchless Going Trenchless
Choosing the right CIPP technology requires careful consideration of capabilities and the needs of your customers.