Offering the Best Selection of Lining and Coating Materials

When it comes to lateral sewer lining or pipe coating of drain, waste and vent piping, no one offers more options for differing applications than Pipe Lining Supply. In addition to six types of resin systems, each formulated for specific jobs, it also offers eight different lining tube materials to cover any lateral lining project. Whether its inversion CIPP or pull-in-place CIPP, Pipe Lining Supply has got you covered. 

The company’s most popular product is a liner containing scrim to dampen stretching when trying to hit a mark without ending up in the sewer main. It comes in a choice of coating that will work with epoxies and esters. The newest addition is a vinyl, epoxy, poly (VEP) material designed for use with any of the company’s resins. Pipe Lining Supply also offers flexible liners that will negotiate turns that dampen wrinkling, as well as stretch for pipe diameter changes.

Pipe Lining Supply is a leader in the sewer pipe repair industry, offering state-of-the-art-equipment, performing resins and quality customer support. 

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