Introducing Our Inversion Drum and Electric Calibration Roller to MAXimize Your Installation Efficiencies on the Job Site

Max LinerDrum aluminum inversion drums from MaxLiner are for those who prefer the drum over the LinerGun. Each install option functions perfectly within the parameters of the Max System. The drum is lightweight, easy to transport, holds the most liner capacity in its class and is suitable for air, water, UV and steam installations. The unique 700 Model was designed with our customers’ input from the field:

A width of only 23.2 inches lets it easily pass through the narrowest doorways.

The detachable wheelbase and extendable carrying handles allow it to be carried up and down stairs with ease. 

It has a combined height of 44.9 inches (37.8 inches detached), is 130 pounds (110 pounds detached) and is capable of holding 135 feet of 4-inch liner, making it ideal for in-building use.

When more capacity is needed, choose the 900 Model, holding 250 feet of 4-inch liner. It is also compact for its class at 32.3 inches wide, 47.2 inches long and 50.4 inches high and weighing 176 pounds.

Maxliner cuts down the weight and size without cutting corners. Each unit is tested for safety and quality. The larger spindle wheel and access port location allow for more control during the loading and inversion. Both models are equipped with: 

Pressure manometer

Safety valve

Adjustable angle lock

Water circulation

Inversion heads, available from 2 to 8 inches with camlock fittings

The ergonomically designed drums will improve efficiencies no matter what the application demands are. Whether you prefer our new inversion drum or our LinerGun, each MAXimizes our industry-leading selection of liners and CalTubes to tackle any installation!

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Built-in gap setting display

Adjustable speed

Directional switch

Pressure limit safety

Emergency stop

Say goodbye to bulky roller tables and stationary units, and MAXimize your efficiencies with our new calibration roller.

MaxLiner offers the industry’s most portable CIPP system available to restore lateral and vertical pipes with minimal disruption or cost. The company offers the world’s largest selection of liners, CalTubes and other essential lining materials. MaxLiner’s quality felt liners are specifically developed for optimal results in a variety of applications and pipe configurations, compatible with steam and most UV systems. Our hands-on training and ongoing support is second to none.

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