Drain Care Products Keep Things Clean and Flowing

What do your drain cleaning technicians recommend customers do after a drain has been cleaned?

Keep it clean!

Every year, homeowners spend millions of dollars on drain cleaning products — most of them bought from the shelves of their local stores. Why not save your customers a trip to the store and offer them the appropriate ProClean drain care product for their situation while you are on a service call? You’ll build customer trust while increasing your company’s profits. The family of ProClean drain care products from Duracable can add a new dimension to your plumbing and drain cleaning service operation. 

ProClean drain care products utilize multiple strains of bacteria as their primary active ingredients. ProClean contains natural, nontoxic, harmless bacteria that actually absorb the grease and organic buildup that forms in pipes over time and convert it into carbon dioxide and water. The biofilm that coats the inside of the pipes continually absorbs buildup. 

Some drain care products contain highly caustic chemicals or solvents. ProClean products are environmentally safe and contain no harsh chemicals or solvents — and they are approved for use by municipalities and water treatment facilities across the country. It also has a refreshing scent that deodorizes as it cleans and removes the waste that’s causing unpleasant odors. ProClean products are not clog removers. They are specialized maintenance products that help prevent future clogs by keeping drainlines cleaner longer.

Increase your company’s revenue and cultivate trust in your customer relationships when you sell ProClean products. Take a bottle of drain care product with you on every service call and show it to the customer. Even if you don’t talk about it, the customer is sure to ask about it. 

Showing the customer what you pulled out of the drainline can powerfully illustrate the need for ProClean products.

The ProClean family of products helps maintain drains in residential and commercial applications. The products include:

Concentrated drain cleaner 

Sugar residue digestant 

Drain and grease trap treatment 

Urinal and fragrance blocks

Duracable Mfg. Co. manufactures top-of-the-line drain cleaning machines, cable, blades and all of the equipment you need to handle any drain problem. Made in the U.S. with top-grade materials, our products are tough, powerful and long lasting. When you’re looking for parts you can rely on, rely on Duracable — we’re right in there with you.

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