Product Focus - December 2020

Product Focus - December 2020

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Cable Drain Cleaning Machines

1 / Duracable DM30
The DM30 drain cleaning machine from Duracable is versatile enough to handle most jobs. Easily swap between 19- and 21-inch reels, and go from an enclosed polyethylene drum to an open-spoke metal reel in minutes. This durable machine provides flexibility with cable diameter and length — 1/2- or 5/8-inch is recommended. Machine packages from come with 100 feet of DuraFlex 5/8-inch hollow-core cable. They can be used in 2- to 6-inch lines for residential work, floor drains, roof vents and light commercial jobs. 800-247-4081;

2 / Milwaukee Tool M18 FUEL Sectional Machine
The M18 FUEL Sectional Machine for 5/8- and 7/8-inch cable from Milwaukee Tool is a portable and powerful sectional machine for 1 1/4- to 6-inch drainlines. Its POWERSTATE brushless motor and REDLINK PLUS intelligence deliver the power to clear heavy roots up to 150 feet out. The sectional machine ensures easy transportation and setup on all jobs by being lightweight and compact, and offers carry strap connection points for hands-free transportation. The M18 REDLITHIUM High Output HD12.0 battery pack powers through multiple jobs on a single charge, and increases safety by providing power anywhere without the use of extension cords. 800-729-3878;

3 / Picote Solutions Mini Cleaner
The Mini Cleaner from Picote Solutions is a high-speed pipeline cleaning system aimed at the domestic drainage and plumbing markets. The unit has a flexible two-part shaft with a rotating inner core where the cleaning heads are attached. The stationary outer casing ensures the operator’s hands do not make contact with rotating parts during the cleaning operation, improving safety and flexibility. The outer casing is durable and also flame, abrasion and chemical resistant with a high continuous service temperature. The whole unit weighs in at 58 pounds so it can be easily transported. It also has the flexibility to handle multiple 90-degree bends, even in the smaller-diameter pipes. 219-440-1404;

4 / RIDGID FlexShaft K9-306
The RIDGID FlexShaft  K9-306 drain cleaning machine quickly cleans 3- to 6-inch drainlines up to 125 feet. It is used in conjunction with a full suite of specialized chain knocker accessories that expand to the size of the pipe to clear the entire circumference of grease, buildup, roots and heavy scale debris. The chain knockers are connected to a flexible, nylon-sheathed cable that is fully enclosed for cleanliness and can be easily wiped clean as it is pulled from the line. The fully contained unit also limits job site cross-contamination. It can be operated by a foot switch and features a 1.5 hp internal universal motor for maximum power and in-field serviceability. It also allows for inspection cameras to remain in the pipe throughout the drain cleaning process for maximum efficiency. 800-474-3443;

Franchise Systems

5 / Rooter-Man Franchise System
The Rooter-Man franchise system offers a low-cost solution to franchise ownership, with a flat-rate pricing system (no royalty on percentage of sales). Franchisees are granted an exclusive franchise license for their chosen territories, and they become part of a team of independent dealers working together under a nationally branded website and recognized trademark with proven systems for success. It has been named the top plumbing franchise by Entrepreneur magazine 15 years in a row. Franchisees receive equity in the national brand by receiving exclusive use of the trademark in their territory. 800-700-8062;

Z PLUMBERZ is a full-service plumbing franchise specializing in all types of plumbing, drain and sewer solutions. The franchise model focuses on sustainable growth and profitability, with paths designed for those starting brand new plumbing businesses, as well as for existing plumbing or drain contractors. Owners develop their businesses in four key verticals, including retail plumbing, drain and sewer cleaning, project plumbing, and pipe lining and trenchless technologies. Franchise owners are provided with the training, resources and support needed to win more jobs, provide exceptional customer service, and become their market’s go-to expert. 866-585-9529;

Plumbing Products

7 / Advanced Drainage Systems’ Arc Leaching Chambers
Advanced Drainage Systems Arc Leaching Chambers provide a structural design, allowing it to handle any conventional leachfield system challenge without sacrificing performance. Designed to accommodate gravity-fed and pressure-dose systems, the sturdy, lightweight polyethylene plastic units combine maximized infiltrative surface area and storage capacity. This combination allows for increased effluent dispersal performance and improved structural integrity. They come in five different sizes to fit any site. The chamber’s design provides increased load-bearing capability. Built in 5-feet lengths, they have a 20-degree joint that is suitable for either straight or contoured septic leachfield applications. The lock-and-drop joint provides a secure connection during installation and backfill. To assist in job site flexibility, inspection vent ports are on each chamber with an easy-to-remove knockout. A side port coupler snaps into place to allow side entry at any joint throughout the trench line. 800-821-6710;

8 / Superior Signal 5E Electric Smoker
The 5E Electric Smoker from Superior Signal offers a cost-effective and green solution to find difficult leaks and odors in residential and commercial plumbing systems. Connect the blower to any plumbing clean-out or vent, with the appropriate-sized smoke candle to force smoke through faults and cracks, easily identifying sources of odor and hard-to-find leaks. Smoke candles produce a highly visible, nontoxic smoke and are biodegradable. They are manufactured with zero-waste stream and include labels printed with vegetable-based ink on recycled paper, as well as biodegradable, recycled paperboard tubes. The unit does not generate harmful exhaust gases and handles all residential and commercial smoke testing applications. Smoke tests take minutes to perform and see immediate results. The unit comes with an 8-foot, industrial-grade flex hose, weighs 8 pounds and requires no maintenance. 800-945-8378;

Portable Jetters

9 / General Pipe Cleaners JM-1000 Mini-Jet
The JM-1000 Mini-Jet from General Pipe Cleaners includes a high-performance, stainless steel braid jet hose for drain cleaning power and performance in a small package. The stainless steel braid/Teflon core hoses are available in a variety of lengths and are also optimized for the JM-1450 electric jet. The Mini-Jet can clear grease, sand and ice from small lines, sinks and laundry drains with 1,500 psi, high-pressure water spray. Its diamond plate metal case safely shields the pump and motor assembly from job site abuse. The hose smoothly slides the jet nozzle down 1 1/2- to 3-inch drainlines, easily navigating tight bends. The 3/16-inch Teflon core also reduces flow resistance, further improving small-line cleaning power. The package includes a four-piece nozzle set, water supply hose, shut-off valve and universal faucet adapter. 800-245-6200;

10 / Patriot Sewer Equipment & Repair 1776 heavy-duty edition
The 1776 heavy-duty edition from Patriot Sewer Equipment & Repair generates 3,500 psi at 11 gpm. Standard equipment includes a Piranha 3/8-inch, 300-foot, red jetter hose and remote start for one-man operation. A portable 100-gallon water tank with autofill valve and stainless steel nozzle set is custom-engineered to work at max pounds per square inch and gallons per minute. It can be used to clean 4- to 6-inch sewer pipes with ease. Propane or gas models are available. It includes an all-stainless steel reel and frame. All units are built to order. 888-318-9888;

Pressure Washers and Sprayers

11 / Cam Spray MCB3040
The MCB3040 skid-mount, hot-water pressure washer from Cam Spray is designed to move easily from truck to van to trailer. It offers 4 gpm at 3,000 psi from a Honda GX390 industrial gas engine and triplex plunger pump with ceramic plungers and stainless steel valves. It is equipped with low pressure chemical injection and is protected by an unloader valve and secondary pressure pop off. The burner system includes a rust-free fuel tank, Schedule 80 coil with stainless steel wrap, is controlled by an adjustable thermostat and temperature limit switch for a maximum temperature of 195 F. The frame is industrial coated 2-inch tubing and comes equipped with a wand/hose rack. A heavy-duty trigger gun with a dual wand with side handle valve allows for the user to switch from high pressure cleaning to detergent application and is equipped with quick change 0-, 15-, 25- and 40-degree nozzles. 800-648-5011;

Push TV Camera Systems

12 / CUES MPlus+ XL
The CUES MPlus+ XL push system is designed for easy operation and flexibility with an all-in-one setup and quick removal of the control unit, which can be used separately. It includes a coiler configuration and pan-and-tilt camera for mainline and larger pipeline applications up to 500 feet. It integrates video observation coding, observation coding interface and digital recording. The lightweight system includes large, durable wheels for portability and a balanced footprint for stability. It is manufactured to handle rigorous field use. 800-327-7791;

13 / Electric Eel eCAM Pro 2 
The eCAM Pro 2 pipeline inspection camera system from Electric Eel includes a built-in battery cradle and will accept a Milwaukee Tool M18 or equivalent battery (battery not included). This allows for operation in remote locations or anywhere electricity is not available. It has a stainless steel-housed, 1.68-inch, self-leveling color camera with sapphire lens; 20-LED light ring with an impact-resistant polycarbonate light ring cover; and high-resolution CCD element. The auto-iris adjusts light automatically. A flexible camera spring navigates 3-inch P-traps. The unit comes standard with 200 feet of braided fiberglass premium 1/2-inch-diameter pushrod (with a capacity of 400 feet available on the reel), industry-standard 512 Hz sonde, 10.4-inch daylight-readable monitor with click-touch controls, and one-touch recording directly to a USB flash drive. 800-833-1212;

14 / Envirosight Verisight Pro+
Envirosight’s Verisight Pro+ push camera can be used to complete critical drainpipe and lateral inspections quickly and accurately. Its stainless self-leveling camera captures up to 90 hours of color footage from pipes 2 inches in diameter and larger, regardless of material. With supplied centering devices, it snakes through multiple bends for maximum range. An integral tri-band sonde (33 kHz, 512 Hz, 640 Hz) works with most any locator. The welded-steel coiler comes with 130, 200 or 330 feet of pushrod. The entire system runs for six hours off internal rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, or off main or vehicle power. Its controller displays real-time footage on an 8-inch LCD, and can operate all camera functions, generate custom text overlays with a full QWERTY keyboard, and easily off-load inspection footage by SD card or USB drive. 866-838-3763;

15 / EPL Solutions Gvision
The Gvision camera system from EPL Solutions offers a rugged, compact solution for inspecting pipelines 3 to 12 inches in diameter. Available with 200 to 400 feet of pushrod, the reel has a stiff, yet flexible fiberglass cable that is optimized for farther pushes through turns and bends. The color camera is self-leveling and includes a powerful, convenient, always-on 512 Hz transmitter for quick and precise area determination. The antiglare LCD monitor delivers a clear, crisp picture even in direct sunlight. To record video inspections, connect a USB storage device or Apple mobile device directly into the USB port. The DVR outputs HD-quality videos, which can be stored and shared from a mobile device. 714-453-9760;

16 / Forbest Products FB-PIC3188XX/4188XX
The FB-PIC3188XX/4188XX portable lay-flat camera system from Forbest Products comes with a 1-inch waterproof color camera head or 1-inch self-leveling color camera head with a built-in 512 Hz sonde transmitter, stainless steel spring kit and bright LED lights. It comes with 130 feet of 5.3 mm or 200 feet of 6 mm fiberglass cable, with a high-resolution 7- or 10-inch color control station with USB and SD recording. Typing and editing is optional for the 10-inch multifunction control station. The lay-flat design is convenient for one user to operate the camera independently. 877-369-1199;

17 / Pearpoint P540c
The Pearpoint P540c offers an intuitive graphical user interface with built-in user manual, a full-size QWERTY keyboard and a choice of six different languages at launch. Context-sensitive, ATM-style buttons on both sides of the display provide access to the easy-to-use menus while an additional seven buttons offer direct control of the most-used functions. It has the capability to use the newly designed command module with any reel system. This will provide contractors the flexibility of having multiple rods for different uses while only needing one command module. 800-688-8094;

18 / Pipe Lining Supply compact camera
Pipe Lining Supply offers a small, compact camera designed for use with high-speed drain machines for cleaning and/or coating sewer drains. The unit has a small external monitor that can be held in the palm of your hand, cable lengths of either 50 or 150 feet, and a wireless video headset, giving the operator a hands-free video display of the work they are doing. It has LED lights, an SD card slot for recording work, and rechargeable batteries for both the headset and the monitor for truly cord-free portability. It is a suitable camera for small-diameter pipe. 888-354-6464;

19 / RapidView IBAK North America MicroLite Pushrod System
The MicroLite Pushrod System from RapidView IBAK North America is a lightweight, small-diameter push system with durable steel-frame construction that delivers a high-quality image for all contractors and plumbers. Fitted with 100 feet of push cable, powerful LED lighting and an auto-uprighting camera, it is designed to inspect pipelines 2 to 4 inches in diameter. The entire system is powered by rechargeable batteries and is equipped with the positionable MicroLite Command Console, which includes a 10-inch touch-screen monitor, full Windows operating system, two USB connections and recording software. 800-656-4225;

20 / Ratech Electronics Plumber’s Helper Jr.
The Plumber’s Helper Jr. pipe inspection system from Ratech Electronics is based on a small-scale reel and comes with 100 feet of mini Gel Rod cable, a removable compact command module with 7.1-inch LCD, a built-in battery and an SD recorder for recording digital images and video. This mini pipe inspection system is available with a full-spectrum, 1.375-inch self-leveling color camera; a standard color camera; or any of the company’s three micro camera heads (5/8-, 3/4- or 1-inch diameter). 905-660-7072;

21 / Spartan Tool Explorer
The Explorer modular camera system from Spartan Tool has a control box that is compatible with five different pushrods up to 400 feet in length, letting the user quickly adapt to any environment. Included WinCan software allows the user to map full plumbing systems for future reference, and files can be saved to a WinCan account, the cloud, external USB drives and the system’s internal storage. The stainless steel camera head provides a crisp, color picture to the superbright, sunlight-readable LCD. Change out reels to create a system that provides the ability to tackle any size job. 800-435-3866;

22 / Subsite Electronics Private Eye II
The Private Eye II mainline inspection system from Subsite Electronics comes enclosed in a Pelican waterproof and crushproof case. Weighing just 30 pounds, it provides extreme portability without sacrificing field durability. It is a suitable solution for easements, off-road manholes or any locations that are hard to get to. It is also suited for smaller municipalities or contractors who need the power and capabilities of a full mainline inspection system in a mobile package. It is compatible with all the company’s mainline cameras and tractors. When combined with the compact portable reel loaded with single-conductor cable, it can inspect 4- to 200-inch-diameter pipelines up to 1,000 feet in length. 800-767-1974;

Truck/Trailer Jetters

23 / Easy Kleen Pressure Systems Groundhog Jetter
The Groundhog Jetter from Easy Kleen Pressure Systems is designed to blast through clogged pipes with a 35 hp Vanguard engine providing 12 gpm at 3,500 psi. It is compact and can be transported in a pickup truck or van, with trailer options available. It includes a fully welded, powder-coated, 2-inch steel tube frame, drilled and tapped, which houses the 200-gallon water tank. It comes with an accessible breather and 10-gallon fuel tank, General Pump with gearbox drive, 12-volt-powered hose reel with 300 feet of 3/8-inch jetter hose, hose guides, a super swivel and foot-pedal control, emergency shut-off valve and hour meter. Optional remote features include hose reel-in, motor off/speed control and pressure on/off. 800-315-5533;

24 / GPM Truck Center Truck Duck
Whether you’re cleaning 6-inch, 60-inch or residential laterals, the platform of the Truck Duck from GPM Truck Center can be outfitted to meet specific application requirements. Options include auxiliary engine drive systems, 3,000-gallon water tanks, 170 gpm water pumps, enclosed and secured pump and reel compartments, specialized toolboxes, safety lighting and cold-weather insulation. The company can also upgrade, rebuild or completely refurbish existing jetters and jet/vac machines to OEM standards. 630-743-7373;

25 / MyTana Economic skid-mounted jetter
MyTana’s compact Economic skid-mounted jetter fits in medium-duty commercial vehicles. Suitable for unblocking and cleaning lines up to 24 inches or surface cleaning, the unit delivers cleaning pressure up to 3,000 psi and water flow up to 26 gpm. A hydraulic hose reel swivels 225 degrees and holds 400 feet of 1/2-inch hose. Two engine options — 33 or 58 hp — are available. The Economic is one of six highly customizable models of compact skid- and truck-mounted high-pressure jetting and jet/vac units offered. It is built by ROM. 800-328-8170;

26 / Presvac Systems jetter trucks
The Presvac Systems lineup of jetting trucks provides a complete range of cleaning solutions for pipes 4 to 100 inches in diameter. Powerful vacuum provides the effective removal of flushed material. Modular filtration configured to blower size provides blower protection with minimal maintenance. The pictured unit has a split-compartment aluminum tank, including 300 gallons water and 4,700 gallons debris. It has a Robuschi Robox 65 blower, 900 cfm free air and 27 inches Hg maximum vacuum. Its US Jetting pressure pump provides 18 to 20 gpm at 4,000 psi. It comes with a head-mount hose reel, 250 feet of 1/2-inch jetting hose, a 5 gpm at 2,000 psi washdown pump and 50 feet of 3/8-inch hose. Heated valves and a winterizing system for the water system are available. 800-387-7763;

27 / Sewer Equipment Model 800 Series IV 
The Model 800 Series IV truck jet from Sewer Equipment offers the same features as the 800-HPR ECO, such as fully baffled Duraprolene water tanks, an eco-friendly operating system, 190-degree rotation of the hose reel and an insulated, heated enclosure housing all water components. It adds a rear door that closes fully while the hose reel is extended, keeping heat inside the enclosure where water components are stored. It offers wintertime recirculation of the water system at highway speeds, a retractable canopy for sun and inclement weather, and a boiler to provide onboard hot water for cold-weather applications. The dual reel configuration offers two hose reels in one location, with the secondary reel allowing for the addition of a televising jet pod or small-line sewer hose, giving operators the ability to perform multiple applications using one truck. It has ergonomic controls, an operator station situated between reels in a dual hose reel configuration and a secondary operator station. 888-477-7611;

28 / Vactor 2100i
The 2100i from Vactor includes IntuiTouch controls that allow for effortless, ergonomic operation by allowing the controls to rotate and adjust to match the operator’s height. This increases comfort by eliminating reaching or stooping to access levers or see information, which reduces strain and fatigue. Troubleshooting and diagnosis can be performed by utilizing the capabilities of the IntuiTouch system. It seamlessly connects chassis operation and the Vactor module to increase reliability and product life. 815-672-3171;

Vacuum Trucks/Pumps/Accessories

29 / Fruitland 870 Series
Fruitland’s 870 Series pump allows high vacuum levels of 28.5 inches Hg and continuous vacuum of 27 inches Hg. Additionally, it is capable of providing 30 psi pressure for off-loading. The oil consumed during pump operation is minimal, with only 1 gallon of oil for 18 hours of operation, which provides greater cost savings and reduces environmental impact. Fruitland is less restrictive on the type of oil used in all its vacuum pumps, allowing customers to buy locally available, nonproprietary oil. The pump delivers 510 cfm free air through 4-inch porting. 905-662-6552;

30 / Imperial Industries’ 2020 Freightliner 108SD
Imperial Industries’ 2020 Freightliner 108SD includes a fully remote-controlled vacuum system. It comes with a 4,200-gallon painted aluminum tank with a 940 cfm National Vacuum Equipment Challenger 4310 blower. Functionality includes full control of the tank’s PTO and pneumatic valves, providing operators with the ability to switch between vacuum, neutral and pressure modes without leaving a septic tank access point. The bottom third of the tank is double-plated, and the tank is painted black with a diamond plate chip guard, full flanged and dished heads for baffles, a hot shift PTO, one 4-inch vacuum inlet with lever valve, one 6-inch discharge with piston valve with a handle, three 5-inch sight glasses on the rear tank head, full-length aluminum hose trays, a SeeLevel indicator, a 24-by-24-by-24-inch aluminum toolbox, Department of Transportation LED light package, two rear LED work lights and an adjustable stainless steel rear bumper. 800-558-2945;

31 / KeeVac Industries septic trucks
KeeVac Industries septic trucks have tanks constructed from marine-grade aluminum, stainless steel or steel. These tanks are mounted onto the customer’s choice of chassis for a complete service solution. A variety of safety lighting packages are available. Custom sizes are available with engineered drawings. A variety of vacuum pumps and water pumps are available. 866-789-9440;

32 / Satellite Vacuum Trucks MD950
The MD950 from Satellite Vacuum Trucks is mounted on a Dodge Ram 5500, and includes tanks made from high-strength carbon steel, which are easy to maintain with a long life expectancy. The tanks are powder-coated and sealed with a bed liner that extends halfway up the tank to help ensure the longevity of the tank and eliminate corrosion. They are outfitted with a stainless steel work area, with custom drop-down sections on larger tanks to make accessing hoses and tools much easier. The unit is also available on a Ford F-550 chassis. The hydraulic vacuum system includes a compact, integral PTO/pump combination working in conjunction with a separate hydraulic kit consisting of special platform, 15-gallon reservoir, hydraulic motor coupled to the vacuum pump and relief valve and hoses. 800-883-1123;

33 / Westmoor Conde SDS Ultra
The Conde SDS Ultra vacuum pump from Westmoor pumps at 230 cfm and has an automatic oiling system that never needs adjusting. It incorporates the Conde Slide Valve (changeover valve), which is compact, low-profile and works easily. It is offered with either a pump-mounted or remote oil reservoir, with sealed high-temperature maintenance-free bearings. It can be driven by a variety of power sources including gas or diesel engines, PTO, right-angle drive or hydraulic pump. The unit is double-shafted and can be set up for either clockwise or counterclockwise rotation. 800-367-0972; 


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