Hydroexcavation - Kaiser Premier CV Series

The CV Series hydrovac from Kaiser Premier has all critical components centralized and housed in an insulated, heated aluminum van body. The RB-DV series of rotary three-lobe positive displacement blowers can operate at high vacuum levels thanks to a device that injects atmospheric air. RB-DV series blowers can reach vacuum levels of up to 93 percent on a deadhead and 27 inches Hg without the need to inject water or use an upstream heat exchanger. Its hydraulically assisted off-load method eliminates overhead conflict concerns when off-loading by avoiding the need to raise the tank. Rather than using gravity alone, it applies its mechanical advantage to quickly off-load compacted tank debris. To release hot high-pressure water, the vehicle can be equipped with a 700,000 Btu boiler. The transfer case is specifically designed for vacuum excavation trucks requiring a highly configurable and easily serviceable gearbox. 970-542-1975; www.kaiserpremier.com.


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