Product Spotlight: Use Live Microbes to Attack FOG

Product Spotlight: Use Live Microbes to Attack FOG

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Fat, oil and grease can cause real problems for municipalities, homeowners, businesses and property managers. The contaminants stick to pipe walls, restricting the water flow to the point of causing blockages and backups. Now, through biotechnology, there is a reliable and easy-to-use treatment that offers a preventive maintenance solution — GREASE-X Biozyme from RootX.

The live microbes contained in GREASE-X Biozyme, along with the enzymes they secrete, are designed to digest fat, oil, grease and other organic matter as it enters and flows through a collections system. The microbes adhere to collections system lines and lift station walls. In digesting organic waste, they reproduce and form colonies that continue to consume floating waste and accumulated FOG. The wall coating also acts as a lubricant to help reduce backups. The byproducts of microbial digestion are perfectly natural, environmentally safe substances made of carbon dioxide and water.

“What makes GREASE-X Biozyme unique is that it comes in a granule that activates the microbial from hibernation when put into water,” says Dan Lawrence, western region sales manager for RootX. “This allows its shelf life to be substantially longer than other products that come in a liquid form and must be used within 90 days to prevent the microbes from dying off.”  

It is a highly concentrated microbial ecosystem containing specialized natural microorganisms selected for maximum efficiency in the biodegradation of organic contaminants in wastewater systems. Because it utilizes natural microorganisms, it is harmless to humans, plants and animals.

“In most cases, the environment of the sewer system receives many harsh chemicals that will kill the existing microbes, making the addition of enzymes fruitless,” Lawrence says. “GREASE-X Biozyme is not a drain opener or a chemical that will harm the pipes or a wastewater treatment plant. It’s a safe and natural microbial/nutrient combination with isolated specific microbial strains that will improve one’s wastewater system.”

For ease of handling, GREASE-X Biozyme is supplied in both 2-pound jars and 5-gallon pails. It is typically left with the homeowner to add a few scoops to warm water and pour down their drains once a day for five days as part of the inoculation period, then once a week after that to maintain a system.

“It’s simple and effective application makes it an easy sell for plumbing companies to offer their customers peace of mind,” Lawrence says. 800-844-4974;


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