Product Spotlight - September 2020

Product Spotlight - September 2020

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Smoke blowers have changed the way plumbing faults and sources of odor in residential and commercial plumbing are located.

Over the past couple decades, the Superior 5-E electric smoke blower from Superior Signal has been updated and improved based on customer input to provide a lightweight and maintenance-free smoke blower that’s sized for residential and commercial use.

“Professionals want a product that is cost-effective, simple to use, fast to produce results and easy to maintain — and that will last for many years of rugged use,” says Jim Kovacs, president of Superior Signal. “That is exactly what we deliver with the 5-E smoke blower.”

This blower creates an appropriate flow of air for testing a building’s plumbing; and when paired with Superior Smoke candles, a highly visible, nontoxic smoke can easily be seen and traced.

“The 5-E is a great way to find building plumbing faults, easily locate sources of odors, test lateral and septic tanks for faults, and find or test leachfields. It can also be used for many other applications where a small-scale smoke test, leak test, airflow test or air visualization test is required,” Kovacs says.

While the visible flow of air can be used to find various plumbing leaks, the blower is particularly effective in finding sources of odor. Because both smoke and odor are carried by the air, a smoke test illustrates the source of an odor problem so it can be properly resolved.

Weighing only 15 pounds with the hose attached, the 5-E is made to handle big or small jobs in a lightweight, easy-to-move package. It can be run using 120-volt AC or 12-volt DC power and is capable of 180 cfm. The static pressure is 0.59 inches of water when on 120-volt AC and 1.3 inches of water when operating on 12-volt DC. It features an all-steel construction with a carry handle and a flexible 4-inch-diameter, 8-foot-long hose.

“At annual trade shows and all year long, both over the phone and by email, we get a lot of positive feedback. The most common regret we hear from customers is that they did not get the 5-E sooner,” Kovacs says.

“That said, the most important customer feedback we get is when someone is not happy with their 5-E. We work hard to resolve these rare, but important issues. When appropriate, we use this feedback to make product improvements.” 732-251-0800;


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