Product News - September 2020

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Product News - September 2020

The 800 Series IV truck jet from Sewer Equipment offers several features that lend themselves specifically to cold-weather applications.

Sewer Equipment 800 Series IV truck jet
The 800 Series IV truck jet from Sewer Equipment offers several features that lend themselves specifically to cold-weather applications. The rear door can close completely with the hose reel fully extended, providing maximum heat retention inside the environmental enclosure where water components are stored. A new feature gives up to 20 gpm of hot water to feed the washdown reel, lateral reel and jetting circuits during cold-weather operations. A lack of PTO engagement allows for wintertime recirculation of the water system at highway speeds as a standard feature, saving the time otherwise spent blowing down the entire water system between job sites. The addition of a centralized water drain makes winterization easy, as there is only one drain to blow down, and a retractable canopy adds protection from the weather. 888-477-7611;

Picote Solutions 3D cleaning chain
Picote Solutions 3D cleaning chains are self-adjusting; so within different diameters, they can effectively clean the pipe without the need to keep multiple cleaning chains on board the support vehicle. The 3D cleaning chains are available in three sizes: small for cleaning 1.96- to 2.95-inch-diameter pipe; midrange for 2.75- to 3.94-inch-diameter pipes; and large chain for cleaning 3.94- to 5.90-inch-diameter pipes. Two models of chain are available. The premium uses a U-carbide teeth configuration for more aggressive cleaning; the PVC version without carbides is less aggressive and is a safer choice when the pipe condition is unknown or less stable. 708-267-6366; 

Max-Life grit catcher tool
The grit catcher from Max-Life has a shovellike design that helps the tool act as a debris catcher, grit catcher and debris scooper all in one. The debris scooper can be attached to fiberglass poles and rope to reach deeper pipe. This system reduces wobble while cleaning the line, stabilizing it while raising and lowering the catcher in a manhole. The tool is gold plated to extend service life. Current sizes are for 4-, 6-, 8-, 10-, 12-, 15-, 18- and 24-inch pipe. Custom sizes can be made upon request. 714-898-4830;

General Pipe Cleaners AutoCutPL tubing cutter
The AutoCutPL plastic tubing cutter from General Pipe Cleaners offers a fast, easy way to cut PEX and CPVC-CTS plastic tubing. Compact and convenient, the AutoCutPL produces clean, uncrushed, square cuts with less effort. Great for use in tight spaces, the AutoCutPL lets you cut plastic tubing with less than 1 inch of clearance. The easy-to-use tool cuts plastic tubing in as little as one rotation. The blade is easily replaceable, and the blade guard protects the blade — and fingers — from workplace and toolbox damage. AutoCutPL comes in three sizes: 1/2, 3/4 and 1 inch for PEX and CPVC-CTS tubing. 800-245-6200;

RIDGID RP 342-XL press tool
The RIDGID RP 342-XL press tool can press 1/2- to 4-inch copper, stainless steel and carbon steel pipe, as well as 1/2- to 2-inch PEX pipe, in under 12 seconds and all with one tool. The lightweight RP 342-XL features QuickSwitch technology to switch from standard to extended 32kN applications to press 2 1/2- to 4-inch carbon steel. It is compatible with the full line of RIDGID standard 32kN press tool accessories, including the StrutSlayr strut shear head, Press Snap soil pipe cutter and all MegaPress jaws. 800-474-3443;

Gradall fixed-thumb grapple attachments
Fixed-thumb grapple attachments from Gradall expand the capabilities of Gradall excavators in emergency applications after severe weather, as well as during routine job site cleanup and demolition. The fixed-thumb grapple is a primary attachment for Gradall Storm Recovery Series models — wheeled excavators designed to provide emergency response in the aftermath of hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural disasters. The grapple attachments can be used to reach out and remove brush, debris and tree limbs. The highway-speed model can be driven at 60 mph to address blocked roadways and provide access for other first responders. 800-445-4752; 


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