A New Workhorse for Your Arsenal

A New Workhorse for Your Arsenal

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Drain cleaners need products that are not only efficient, but also safe. The equipment also needs to be durable enough to stand up to heavy use in not-so-ideal environments. Fortunately, a new-to-the-market cable drain cleaner from MyTana Mfg. bills itself as the productive and safe choice for drain cleaning professionals.

The new M745 Workhorse drain machine allows drain cleaning professionals to adjust cable speed on the fly for maximum performance and choose among two torque settings for safety. Incorporating MyTana Mfg.’s SmartDrive technology allows for the cable speed to be throttled (up to 300 rpm) to negotiate turns, strengthen cleaning force, and expedite feeds and retrievals, or reduced (as low as 100 rpm) for tackling obstructions and debris.

SmartDrive also includes calibrated torque protection, which is designed to safeguard the operator and extend the life of the machine’s cable. SmartDrive sounds an alarm when cable torque approaches an unsafe limit and then automatically cuts power when that limit is reached. The limit can be set high for large drains or low for sink lines. Operators can also select how tension is released: quickly with little resistance or slowly with more resistance.

“This new M745 Workhorse gives control to sewer and drain cleaning professionals that is unprecedented,” says Dale Graber, general manager for MyTana Mfg. “The M745 is a high-performing machine that saves time and money by working more quickly and accurately and, in turn, protects the safety of the operator and the longevity of the cable.”

A versatile machine, the M745 comes fully equipped to work in 3- to 4-inch lines with 100 feet of cable, slip-joint fittings, autofeed, blades and accessories. A sink line kit is available to address 1 1⁄2- to 2-inch lines, and no tools are needed to swap reels due to the quick-release design of the drive system. The sink line kit includes a reel with 80 feet of 3/8-inch hollow-core cable, threaded fittings, a smaller feed tube and a complete set of blades and attachments.

The unit itself is compact (18 by 31 by 40 inches) to fit in tight spaces, has nonskid feet and balanced weight for stabilization during operation and transport, offers a telescoping adjustable handle that retracts easily for storage and has built-in stair-rollers for enhanced mobility. 866-327-7176; www.mytana.com.


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