ScanExplorer allows easy analysis of side-scanning data

ScanExplorer allows easy analysis of side-scanning data

ScanExplorer allows easy analysis of side-scanning data

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Pipeline video inspection is an essential tool, but the technology does have limitations. For instance, personnel using live video are often required to stop the inspection immediately if they detect a defect. Those disruptions mean more time and money.

The ScanExplorer module for the WinCan VX inspection software lets the user view and analyze side-scans and laser profiling data following the inspection. Side-scanning technology is used to image the interior of sewer pipes without relying on video, capturing the entirety of a pipe wall as a single high-res image, allowing engineers to quickly evaluate condition and identify defects.

“Inspections are only as useful as your ability to analyze them,” says Mike Russin, business manager for WinCan in the Americas. “Side-scan technology focuses equipment operators on what they do best.”

There are two major benefits to side-scanning. Not only does it speed up the inspection — as the equipment operator doesn’t have to stop to pan, tilt, or zoom — it also speeds up analysis. Engineers and supervisors do not need to sit through video footage, pausing and rewinding to view problematic places.

The ScanExplorer add-on module for WinCan VX inspection reporting and asset management software lets users navigate scans for rapid review, measure and annotate defects, and generate reports at the click of a button. Additional data captured during side-scanning, such as inclination and temperature, can be plotted alongside the scan. The module also lets users view side-scans as virtually rendered environments. For instance, it can present a forward view of the pipe through which an analyst can advance at any desired speed. Alternately, the pipe can be viewed as a virtual 3-D model in which the analyst can freely pan and tilt.

“The module lets engineers and analysts review scans more efficiently, pinpointing problems, zooming in for greater scrutiny and making annotations that are easy to share and archive,” Russin says.

ScanExplorer can also present laser profile data, helping analysts visualize pipe ovality and geometric features. When paired with WinCan software, the module helps transform raw inspection data into the information municipalities and contractors need to make maintenance decisions. The software’s measurement tools help quantify defects, and sophisticated search capabilities filter observations by any combination of criteria. Its report generator automatically summarizes inspection findings using a standard or user-defined template. The software also includes native support for GIS mapping and 3-D imaging. 877-626-8386;


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