Residential and Commercial Sewer and Pipe Maintenance

Residential and Commercial Sewer and Pipe Maintenance
Drain cleaning machine conquers tough root mass

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Additive helps keep business drainline clear

Problem: In May 2015, the manager of Bode Central healthy shake bar in Howard, Wisconsin, sought a solution for a drain that was backing up into a quick-wash sink. Customers complained that the restaurant had a smell. The drainline would plug up and the restaurant would have to close early to clean the mess, resulting in a loss of business and compromised sanitary conditions.

Solution: In June 2015, the 50-gallon indoor grease trap received a thorough cleaning. Liquid Trap-Cleer from Lenzyme was dosed at 2 ounces every evening, taking an employee about one minute to do. Trap-Cleer is designed to keep the system flowing properly and consume much of the grease.

Result: A follow-up appointment in August 2015 indicated that the system went 10 weeks without backing up, with only a small amount of grease built up in the trap. The smells were completely gone. In January 2017, after treating for a year and a half, the manager says the system is operating perfectly. There are no smells and the lines stay clean. 800/223-3083;

Portable, waterproof camera used to survey remote storm drain

Problem: Long lengths of storm drain in a new housing complex near Darwin, Australia, required inspection before the next stage of building could commence. The problem was that the drain crossed land not suitable for vehicles, no services were available, and the drain diameter was 15 3/4 inches, which would normally require a tractor system for the survey.

Solution: A Trogloprobe-SL system from MEDIT was carried 3/10 of a mile to the site. Fortunately, the system weighs only 40 pounds and was easy to carry. Entrance to the storm drain was made using a short length of 6-inch PVC pipe with a 90-degree bend at the lower end. The camera head chosen for the survey was the T800 forward-view camera, which has sufficient light output and sensitivity to survey pipes much larger than the ones found here. Despite heavy tropical storms, the waterproof system was used to complete the survey.

Result: The survey was carried out to the satisfaction of the local authority within the day, and construction resumed the next day. 800/239-9934;

Drain cleaning machine conquers tough root mass

Problem: A homeowner from Manistee, Michigan, called about a sewer line backup that resulted in water and sewage in the basement. Salmon Sewer & Drain Cleaning responded, and the technician found an enormous amount of roots in the line causing the blockage. The roots were so large and the clog was so bad that the technician knew it would be a difficult job.  

Solution: The technician knew the Spartan Tool Model 1065 drain cleaning machine was tough enough to conquer these roots. The unit has heavy-duty power for 3- to 10-inch lines up to 250 feet. The outer drum keeps dirt contained for customers’ peace of mind while the independently rotating inner drum prevents cable kinking and buckling, yet allows quick torque buildup. The Dial-A-Cable power feed allows for quick cable changes, and feeds cable in and out automatically.  

Result: The technician pulled roots from the line both in the basement and the outside clean-out. Once the root mass was removed, the water receded and the line ran clean. “I’ve used many other machines in the past that never would have gotten this out of there, but the Spartan 1065 pulled it right out,” says the technician. “The right cable and machine really do make that much of a difference.” 800/435-3866;

Pathogen protection system keeps operators safe

Problem: Colorado Springs Utilities was becoming increasingly aware of dangerous new pathogens being reported in wastewater studies. Sewer maintenance crews also expressed concern over recent reports of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and viruses living in raw sewage.

Solution: The Vanguard Pathogen Defense System was designed to substantially reduce contaminants found in raw sewage and protect maintenance workers. The system was independently tested by TG Labs and found to reduce bacteria colony counts on the hose by up to 98 percent. It is simple and convenient to use right from the operator control panel, and available in OEM and retrofit for existing systems.

Result: By taking a proactive stance for the health and safety of their team, CSU saw increased worker confidence and morale while working in a known hazardous environment. Reduction in worker sick days and insurance costs are currently being assessed. 800/781-3164;

Jetter and camera keep contractor in high demand

Problem: James Luna, owner of Power Tech Inc. inspection company in northwest Washington, needed a jetter with inspection capability to order to serve two of his bigger clients, Jamie Parrish Plumbing, of Sequim, Washington, and sewer contractor RJ Services of Port Angeles, Washington.

Solution: Luna invested in the Brute jetter with the Brute 20/20 camera system from Jetters Northwest to pre- and post-inspect the work. “The Brute 20/20 has much better quality video and it’s also really nice to be able to record the video data onto a thumb drive, which I can just give to the customer right on site,” says Luna.

Result: “My Jetters Northwest equipment helps them successfully complete their repairs,” Luna says. “I’m the only one in this area who has the capability of a jetter this size. With the right jetting heads and smaller lines, up to 12 inches, I’m very, very competitive ­­– especially with video. Customers always remark how clear my video is.” 877/901-1936;


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