Rausch Gets Portable

New system packs truck-mounted features in a portable package.
Rausch Gets Portable
Rausch Gets Portable

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Rausch USA has traditionally focused on high-end truck-mounted inspection systems. The 2016 Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport Show marked the launch of a new product line for the company: compact portable units. Rausch USA showcased its new Mobile Pro inspection system and was prepared to take orders from any interested customers.

“This has been designed to target customers we didn’t really have a product for in the past,” says Jeff Rager, field applications manager for Rausch USA. “We kept most of the same features we have in our larger truck-mounted systems, but put it all in a more compact and portable design.”

The Mobile Pro control unit has a built-in 12-inch LCD monitor and digital video recorder. The crawler and camera are controlled with two multifunction joysticks. It’s designed for mainline inspection — not laterals — but that mainline functionality covers a wide pipe diameter range. The system can be paired with the company’s KS 60 DB camera and C 100 crawler (4- to 20-inch-diameter pipe) or the KS 135 C camera and C 135 crawler (6- to 78-inch-diameter pipe). The control unit mounts to the Cubix 300 motorized cable drum, which comes with 1,000 feet of 0.303-inch cable. It has an LCD display with status and distance counter and is fully synchronized with the camera and crawler. Handles on both sides of the cable drum allow for mobility along with the unit’s relatively light weight of 110 pounds, including the 1,000 feet of cable.

“It’s easily maneuverable for one or two people, and can be installed in basically any type of platform,” Rager says.

For example, it can be mounted in a variety of situations, in a trailer, on UTVs, or moved among other vehicles like pickups or vans — even when space is at a premium because of other equipment. The cable drum unit is 16.75 square inches and 18.9 inches high.

“It’s made for portability if that’s what the customer is looking for,” says Rager. “A lot of our customers are excited to see it. I was talking to one of our current customers who has a truck unit, and he was saying it was something he could use when he has to do easement jobs.”

Along with the more compact portable design comes an increased affordability compared to Rausch USA’s high-end systems.

“This is for smaller municipalities and contractors who may have the need for inspections but don’t have the budget to go with full-blown systems,” Rager says. “It opens the door for the smaller market. Everybody really liked the products we had, but we essentially just had the top of the line. We only offered a higher premium product and we were missing out because we couldn’t fit everyone’s budget. The Mobile Pro is going to fit more budgets, but it also still has the features and functionality of our other products that have worked so well. What are sometimes add-ons for a portable unit come standard with the Mobile Pro.”

Rager highlights the 1,000 feet of cable as an example.

“That’s a lot of cable to include in a 16-square-inch unit,” he says.

The WWETT Show served as an appropriate venue to debut the Mobile Pro, Rager says, as the new portable unit could not only be showcased to a large number of people, but also be a gateway to introducing them to the company’s other offerings.

“That’s what our dealer network is really excited about,” Rager says. “The Mobile Pro is a product they can show to people and open the door should someone want something bigger. It at least shows them the capabilities of the crawler and camera.” 717/709-1005; www.rauschusa.com.


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