Mainline Sewer Inspection

Mainline Sewer Inspection
Steerable tractor

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Touch screen inspection

All operating controls for the PROvision Touch inspection system from Spartan Tool appear directly on screen. With the system’s daylight visibility, an operator can see images clearly even in bright sunlight. Telestration allows users to draw directly on the screen to show a customer a problem. The system includes an on-screen keyboard; rheostat controls for camera lights, screen brightness and audio playback; four-hour battery life; and the ability to capture screen images. All information records to a single thumb drive. 800/435-3866;


Laser profiler

The Laser Profiler from CUES is a stand-alone, snap-on tool for use with a CCTV survey system to collect data and create pipeline reports containing the measurement of faults and other features inside the pipeline. This includes measurements of pipe size, laterals and water levels, as well as automatic analysis of pipe ovality and capacity. The profiler can operate in pipes from 6 to 72 inches. It is powered by an internal rechargeable battery. The software can be used on a TV inspection vehicle or on a remote computer. 800/327-7791;


Robot with eyes

The Schwalm Robotics Pipe Rehabilitation Robot, distributed in North America by LMK Technologies, includes a pan/tilt camera that allows a single unit to remove protruding taps and trim offset joints before CIPP lining. It enables operators to see the work being performed. A camera lens washing device assures a clear view. The robots are equipped to insert removable mechanical plugs into service lateral connections and can install the company’s main-to-lateral Shorty and Stubby CIPP connection sealing systems. 815/433-1275;


Digital pipe inspection

With a continuous operating speed of 40-70 feet per minute, Panoramo digital scanner systems from RapidView generate a high-resolution, interactive 360-degree view from anywhere inside a pipe or manhole. The system uses fisheye cameras mounted on the front and rear, connected by a fiberoptic cable to a truck parked over an open manhole. At the end of the scan, the system creates digital files that allow users to virtually pan and tilt in 360 degrees, as if they are inside the asset. An unfolded, flat view of the pipe or structure is also produced for an added level of analysis and measurement. 800/656-4225;


Sewer-drain camera

The FB-PIC 4188 sewer-drain camera system from Forbest Products includes a 10-inch LCD color monitor with a built-in DVD recorder and microphone that allow users to record videos and sound. The camera head has a 512 Hz built-in sonde transmitter. With a camera head less than 0.8 inch in diameter, the system can inspect lines from 1.5 to 12 inches. With a 130-foot/5.2-mm fiberglass push cable, users can push the camera out at least 100 feet in normal conditions. 650/757-4786;


In-pipe GPR

The remotely operated Surveyor robot from SewerVUE merges ground-penetrating radar measurements with CCTV data to accurately identify pipe wall thickness and composition defects and locate cracks, voids and cavities outside underground nonmetallic pipes. The GPR equipment is track-mounted and equipped with two high-frequency antennae, which can be remotely rotated. The system can be adjusted for pipes from 21 to 36 inches. The software analyzes the GPR data and provides imagery of all identified elements. 888/973-9378;


Smoke blower

The Model 20 Smoke Blower from Superior Signal is designed for testing of sewer lines to detect sources of inflow and other faults. The company’s 3C Classic smoke candle produces 40,000 cubic feet of smoke in three minutes. The blower can be configured with the Superior Smoke Fluid System as a liquid-based alternative for mainline sewer inspection. 800/954-8378;


Remote measuring

Operated from street level, the DiaMetrik from Envirosight measures the depth and width of manholes and the diameter of incoming lines to an accuracy of 0.1 inch, allowing users to configure crawlers properly, complete inspections in accordance with PACP, MACP and similar guidelines, and plan lining jobs.

A collapsible 24-foot pole and articulating measurement head enable the unit to reach every structure requiring measurement, yet it stows in the bed of a pickup. Using an industrial-grade laser, the device takes readings from four inches inside pipes to compensate for any inconsistencies at the pipe mouth. It presents readings on a digital display, stores the 10 most recent measurements, can offload readings to a PC, and operates on rechargeable battery power. 973/252-6700;


Versatile inspection system

The Deluxe Valu-Pac IV from CyclopsTV is designed to deliver the capabilities of a large van-mounted system. It comes with a pan-and-tilt color camera, a heavy-duty transporter, a powered cable reel with 500 feet of TV/tow cable, large line light and power-supply kits, an all-in-one controller for the camera, reel and transporter, and a system analyzer with test cable. Also included is the company’s P.I.D.S. inspection software installed on a new Dell laptop. 830/249-9756;


Inspection vehicles

Pipeline inspection and grouting vehicles from Telespector Corporation are designed to increase productivity and reduce maintenance. Models include step/cargo vans, cube trucks, trailers and ATVs. Features include quiet, ergonomic interiors to reduce operator fatigue, wall-mounted NEMA style enclosures for easy access to power and control electronics, slide out racks for computers and generators and low maintenance chemical grouting pumps. 800/929-4399;


Color camera

The eCAM ACE from Electric Eel Mfg. helps users pinpoint a pipe problem before digging. The system has a 1.68-inch-diameter color camera with sapphire lens, 20-LED light ring, high-resolution CCD element, and a flexible spring that navigates 3-inch P-traps. The camera is encased in stainless steel.

The auto iris adjusts lighting. An impact-resistant polycarbonate light ring cover adds protection. The unit also includes a 512 Hz sonde. The 5.4-inch LCD monitor is encased in an anodized aluminum housing mounted to the reel and has antireflective film on the screen. A video output jack allows users to record images. The system is mounted on a portable powder-coated steel frame with a secure-locking reel brake. It comes with 125 feet of Kevlar braided 1/2-inch pushrod. 800/833-1212;


Laser scanner

The Laser Camera Scan135 from Rausch Electronics connects directly to the company’s steerable transporter L135 with electric lift, creating a versatile and compact 3-in-1 system. The system has conventional CCTV inspection, joint-width measurement, and laser profiling with direct measurement for 8- to 48-inch pipes. The system provides instant pipe evaluation data with no data manipulation possible. On the way into a pipe, the system performs both CCTV inspection and joint-width measurement. On the way back, it scans the entire pipe for deflection and diameter. Built-in software provides 2-D and 3-D graphs, combined with a comprehensive inspection report. 717/709-1005;


Steerable crawler

The Model 636S 6-inch steerable crawler from TV Ferret is based on a one-piece monotube stainless steel o-ring sealed structure for a streamlined, submersible design to inspect pipes up to 36 inches. The crawler has full differential steering, allowing it to rotate about its own axis. It has a stainless steel articulating cable receptor to alleviate stress on the main cable and is designed for quick, easy connection without tools.

Reinforced urethane tracks are a one-piece continuous loop. The solid paddle tracks obtain maximum traction in difficult conditions and do not bind in loose grit. A modular lift wheel system attaches to the outside of the crawler without removal of the tracks. The pan-and-tilt camera head contains a high-resolution camera. The ultrabright LEDs can fully illuminate a 12-foot pipe. Options include a 512 Hz locating sonde, rear-viewing backup camera, internal pressure monitor, pan/tilt/zoom camera, and abrasive high-traction lift wheels. 518/399-2211;


Portable inspection

The portable Mini-Mainline inspection system from Ratech Electronics is designed for small- to medium-sized municipalities or contractors needing an entry-level mainline video pipe inspection system. The portable format allows access to hard-to-reach areas. The system can be mounted in a standard cargo van or trailer.

Users can choose a pan-and-tilt color camera or straight-view inspection camera, up to 1,000 feet of cable, automatic level cable-wind reel, 10-inch sun-viewable LCD monitor, on-screen distance counter, keyboard with text overlay and eight-page memory. Camera remote functions include light head control and crawler controls. The system can inspect pipes from 4 to 48 inches, depending on crawler selection. Lighting is provided with a 170-watt exterior light head. An SD digital card recorder, a DVD recorder, a USB connection and a hard drive are options for recording. 800/461-9200;


Inspection and jetting

The Model 747-FR2000TV Series II Trailer Jet from Sewer Equipment Company of America combines high-pressure sewer cleaning and color TV inspection. A dual rotating reel provides one reel holding up to 500 feet of “umbilical cord” – a combined TV cable and sewer hose – and a second reel with up to 600 feet of regular 3/4-inch jetter hose. The system includes either a straight-view camera or a pan-and-tilt high-resolution color camera that supplies images to two 7-inch mobile monitors and a digital hard drive. 800/323-1604;


Single-conductor inspection

The Omni Eye 360 pipeline inspection camera from RS Technical Services is a single-conductor inspection tool compatible with the company’s existing portable and mainline inspection systems and modifiable for use with most multi-conductor systems. With 360-degree image capture, operators can perform uninterrupted inspections at rates up to 70 feet per minute.

The camera is designed for inspection in 6-inch and larger pipes up to 2,500 feet long. Captured images are linked with a software package that helps identify defects and features. Data capture features include: accurate measurements from the X- and Y-axis for precision lateral, joint, and crack measurement; simultaneous view of forward and unwrapped footage; and auto measurement and distance recognition for optimal observation and defect coding. 800/767-1974;


GIS module

With the addition of the PipeLogix GIS module to ArcMap software, users can view all surveys performed on a system. The toolbar filters survey data in the master database to highlight pipes with selected conditions, grades, or score values, allowing users to link to the movie or survey. Survey conditions can be exported to a shape file or a geodatabase feature class. When opened in ArcMap, this layer displays the condition along the length of pipe. Selecting the condition links to the movie and jumps to the correct footage for viewing. Seeing the problem and where it exists on the pipe can make it easier to schedule repair and cleaning crews. The module is compatible with ArcGIS 9.3 and ArcGIS 10.0. 866/299-3150;


CCTV and sonar

The one-cable TISCIT (Totally Integrated Sonar and CCTV Inspection Technique) system from Cobra Technologies can illuminate up to 200-inch pipes and power a remote elevator and a steerable crawler. Working in a single pass, the system performs video and sonar inspection of an average of up to 4,500 feet of pipe a day.

The system uses one cable drum with a capacity of 2,000 feet of multi-conductor cable. It can be installed on any multi-conductor inspection unit by changing the existing cable to the Cobra Orange Cable and terminating the cable to an electronic enclosure for use on a float system. An HV control unit is added to the electronics along with a USB sonar processor that delivers the sonar data to the program used to display the sonar image at the operator control room. 800/443-3761;


Steerable tractor

The Pathfinder XL tractor from Aries Industries has a 6-wheel steerable drive system that allows it to drive over obstructions and offset joints. Tires range from the standard 3 3/8-inch for lined 8-inch pipe to 10-inch tires with bolt-on gear-reduction side plates for 36-inch and larger pipes. The tractor can be converted to tread-track drive.

With remote operated camera lift in the down position, the unit can navigate 8-inch lined pipe. With 9 inches of lift, the operator can center the camera in the pipe or raise the camera above the waterline. Additional features include a tip-up connector with integral rear-viewing camera and LED lights, sealed and pressurized electronics cavities, on-screen diagnostics, brushless DC drive motors with temperature sensors, and permanently lubricated drive gears. The tractor has a built-in 512 Hz sonde beacon, and optional auxiliary lights can illuminate large-diameter pipes. 800/234-7205;


Modular transporter

The Pipe Cruiser from Simulator Systems International is a 6-wheel pipe inspection transporter that offers a variety of configuration options. The standard unit operates in 6- to 24-inch pipes, but an optional adapter allows it to operate in 24- to 48-inch pipes. The standard unit comes with two 35-watt lights, but additional lights can be attached for inspecting larger pipes.

Camera options include straight-line, pan/tilt or pan/tilt/zoom. The transporter carries an integrated rear-view camera. To operate the transporter, the user can select from a portable carrying case control unit, a flexible control unit, or a fixed rack-mounted unit. Users can choose a flexible motorized umbilical reel with a capacity of up to 650 feet of cable, or a fixed motorized reel with a capacity of 1,600 feet. Other accessories include a video laser scanning unit and a real-time deflection measurement unit. 800/843-4764;


Pushrod pan/tilt system

The vCam PT pushrod system from Vivax-Metrotech comes with the vCamModular-R recording control module, Type C Reel with 200 feet of pushrod, and a pan/tilt camera head for 4- to 12-inch lines. The camera head provides endless rotation, automatic horizon compensation, automatic zero-position, automatic 90-degree panning, left/right pan, automatic 360-degree inspection, and internal pressure monitoring with alarm in case of pressure drop. The camera is made of an aluminum/high-grade steel combination and is waterproof to 1.5 bar. 800/446-3392;


Buried pipe assessment

InfraMetrix offers Broadband Electromagnetic (BEM) eddy-current technology for assessing buried infrastructure. The technology provides evidence of ferrous pipeline wall loss or other structural defects without digging. BEM provides an accurate profile of the pipe wall and detects metal loss down to 1/25 inch. It produces wall thickness contour maps that illustrate remaining wall thickness at surveyed sections. The method is truly noninvasive: It does not require direct contact with the metal and can determine wall thickness through coatings and linings. Pipes can be inspected without disrupting service. 877/745-4255;


Transporter wheels

Cua Claws transporter wheels were developed to increase camera footage in the real-world situation of slippery PVC pipes. The wheels come in four sizes and are made of stamped 16-gauge steel. The wheels are furnace-brazed to attach a coating of 16-grit carbide chips for traction. The method of attachment enables long wheel life. The wheels fit most popular camera transporters without modification. Wheels come pre-drilled for the application. Sizes are 2.5-inch, 4-inch narrow, 4-inch wide, and 5.5-inch wide. 714/697-8697;


Submersible crawler

The P356 crawler, part of the Pearpoint flexitrax P350 system with pan/tilt/zoom camera is operable in demanding conditions. Made of solid brass and stainless steel, it can operate fully submersed in depths to 330 feet. With twin powerful 50-watt DC motors, it can propel through 6- to 32-inch pipes. The camera offers up to 460 TV lines, a <1.0 Lux sensor, a 10x optical zoom, and ultrabright white LEDs. Made of stainless steel and aluminum, it transfers front impact to the crawler body, protecting the camera from shock damage.

Able to operate in temperatures to 122 degrees F, and with an on-board tilt/roll inclinometer package offering ±0.20° accuracy and a multi-frequency switchable sonde, the crawler/camera package allows accurate inspections in rigorous environments. With the flexitrax P350 system, it allows total integration of pushrod reels, cameras and accessories. Users can switch from crawler to pushrod inspection without carrying a second system. 800/688-8094;


Versatile and expandable camera

The VuTek GT Series inspection system from Insight Vision includes a large high-resolution LCD color monitor for easy viewing, built-in DVR recording direct to an 8gb USB drive, optional built-in hard drive for more than 30 hours of recording, on-screen footage and text, a three-hour NiMH internal battery, pushrod with spiral-wound technology for low cost and low maintenance, and a portable, expandable design.

The ClearView 1.3-inch self-leveling color camera has a stainless steel body and sapphire lens and uses eight high-intensity LEDs for visibility in pipes up to 12 inches. It negotiates 3-inch 90-degree bends and most 4-inch traps. The digital command center has an all-around water resistant package with recessed connections and sealed keypad controls. It includes a built-in text writer, camera/sonde test port, AC/DC power cord and a protective sunshade cover. 800/488-8177;


Small pan-and-tilt camera

The Mini Pan and Tilt camera is the smallest pan-and-tilt camera head available from Image Inspection Services. The head can be pushrod- or crawler-mounted and can be used for 4-inch pipe inspections where straight-viewing heads cannot adequately view defects. It negotiates 90-degree bends in 4-inch pipe. The low-light-sensitive movable color camera head has dual directional lighting. It operates through up to 2,000 feet of multi-conductor cable.

All-solid-state circuitry withstands shocks and vibration. Remote focus, 90-degree turn, 360-degree rotate, adjustable close-up lighting intensity, and return-to-center controls are on the system joystick. The camera provides digital signal transmission with auto self-leveling, tilt and rotation, automatic system diagnostics, and 360 degrees of endless radial rotation viewing. The rotating camera and lighthead configuration provides 270 degrees of pan and tilt angle. The 70-degree lens viewing angle yields a total pan-and-tilt viewing of more than 300 degrees, providing 70-degree rear viewing capability for incoming lateral inspection when camera is moving away from connections. Combined with the company’s Gopher crawler, the unit can inspect 6- to 24-inch lines. 800/667-6760;


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